Californication Season 4 Preview: The Secret is Out...

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Californication kicks off its fourth season on Sunday.

When this Showtime hit returns, we learn that a lot can happen in a weekend.

The premiere opens with Charlie meeting Hank outside of jail. Viewers quickly discovers that Moody wasn’t the only thing let out in the last 72 hours: the secret he has tried so hard to conceal has gone viral.

A Free Man

Rather than setting him free, the truth behind the real author of "Fucking and Punching" has those close to Hank kicking and screaming. The reveal has landed him in the middle of a scandal that has Hollywood buzzing. 

While Hank’s lawyer (Carla Gugino) tries to get him out of the legal system’s grasp, Charlie is busy negotiating a film version of Hank’s book with his former agency. Along with Hollywood darling Sasha Bingham (Addison Timlin), this company is anxiously welcoming the troubled protagonist with open arms.

With so much uncertainty in life, I’m happy to have Hank back for another scandalous season. Some might call him predictable, but I find him consistently genuine. 

Fans of Californication love to watch Hank screw up. Lke his family, we keep forgiving him and coming back for more. There is something about watching Hank try to hold his life together - while simultaneously pulling the rug out from under his own feet - that is so alluring. Having seen the first three episodes, I can report: Season Four will not disappoint.

While Hank stays the course, there are plenty of other developments with those around him that will add great entertainment. From Charlie’s quest to reach the Sexual Century club, to Becca and her new band, there's plenty on tap. Including a bevy of guest stars, led by Rob Lowe, Gugino, Zoë Kravitz and Tommy Lee.

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I am so excited for this season...and so glad to have this site to keep me up-to-date as I have been missing my Moody for the past few months. Great preview too, thanks!


Great show!!! awesome preview!. cant wait to watch it tonight


Love this show so much! I work at DISH and have the TV Everywhere app on my iphone, so I've been watching my DVR'd episodes of Californication on my lunch breaks. Great stuff, consistently hilarious and pushing the boundaries of what television can be.


Soooo waiting for it! We love dirty uncle Hank =D

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