Castle Review: "Knockdown"

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It’s not about the books anymore.

The latest installment of Castle managed to carry a serious tone for an entire hour and still hit it out of the park. Although the show is primarily known for its wild antics and off-the-wall story lines, “Knockdown” was just what this show needed.

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Beckett had a chance to learn more about her mother’s murder and got that much closer to the person who ordered the hit. We saw the main characters showing some real emotion and finally made some headway with Castle and Beckett.

Having the case focus on Joanna Beckett made it personal for all of our favorite detectives. Ryan and Esposito knew they needed to find answers, Captain knew he had to keep Kate at a distance from it, Castle knew he needed to be there for his partner and Beckett knew who to turn to when she needed someone to trust.

Ryan and Esposito were great all around. They swore they were backing up Beckett and they took the ice torturing because they knew they had no choice. I love that these two are getting more screen time every week. I am also looking forward to seeing more of Esposito and Lanie.

Now to the part everyone had been waiting for, including myself: the Castle and Beckett kiss! Sure, it was out of context and used as a distraction, but it still had the emotion behind it we have been waiting for. The looks on both of their faces were priceless.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the kiss, there are two other parts that made the episode:

  1. When they were at the coffee house and Raglan asked who Castle was, Beckett simply replied, “just someone I trust.”
  2. When Castle talking with his worried mother, who asked why he was still doing this and he replied with the quote that opened this review.

This episode could have contained just those two small parts and I would have been pleased. The fact that we got some shootouts, torture scenes and stellar performances made “Knockout” all that much better. A solid episode once again.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did the kiss live up to expectations or were you disappointed over the way it went down?


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In the promo pics it looked like Castle was going to meet Beckett's Dad. What happened? Did I miss something? Other than that the episode was amazing! When they do more serious episodes like this, where the stakes are higher, we get to see how much Castle and Beckett (as well as Esposito and Ryan) have come to rely on each other. They trust each other a lot now - Beckett didn't ask another detective to go meet Raglan with her, she asked Castle. That says it all.


BEST episode this season!
and that kiss was INCREDIBLE!!
you could feel the feelings between them in that kiss.
you can see how much he loves her and she him .
wish theyd ditch this boyfriend thing so we can see more kate/castle romancing.
and I LOVED how she called him rick =)

Sue ann

Well, FINALLY!!!!!!!! Since Bones has gone to he**, Castle has become my favorite show, and this episode moved the characters further off the starting positions than they have managed to move altogether in the two-and-a-half previous seasons. However, there was still a good share of the fear the Captain commented upon in the last episode of the second season. When Beckett asked Castle why he was still around, the long, long pause and tortured-debate look on his face made me think he might, possibly, declare himself, but there is still the boy friend in Africa, saving the world. No declaration of love forthcoming. And the kisses certainly gave them pause for thought, however briefly. This show has been fascinating since the first time I saw it, but it took a quantum leap tonight. I never voted any program a "5" before. This one I did.


love this show, it reminds me of the show LIFE that was on NBC that they cut way to short. the kind of cop drama that CASTLE has with the one liners aswell as the episodes current storyline, but the best is the underlining storylines from the episodes that carry each episode to leave u wanting more and more. I hope ABC is wise to keep a good cop drama around and not cut it short like LIFE, both were great, lets not have deja vu.

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Castle Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

It's different when it happens right in front of you.


Raglan: What part of no cops don't you understand?
Beckett: He's not a cop.
Raglan: Than who is he then?
Beckett: Just someone I trust.