Castle Review: Poof! Someone is Single!

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The latest installment of Castle had quite a bit of magic to it. New storylines were introduced, others were ended and the murder was extremely entertaining.

The previews for this episode displayed Gilles Marini as the big guest star, yet he only had a few minutes of screen time. The real guest star of “Poof! You’re Dead!” was Jeff Hephner. He seems to be popping up everywhere, including his recurring role on Hellcats.

Gilles Marini on Castle

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Like most episodes, the mystery was extravagant and full of twists and turns. There is no show on television right now that does this type of thing or does aswell. Although sometimes the murders are completely unrealistic, they are always entertaining.

“Poof! You’re Dead!” was a prime example of Castle at its bizarre best. I must admit, I am thoroughly looking forward to more episodes with the Triple Killer.

This was the first time we got to see Esposito and Lanie in action as a couple. These two are adorable. It is great that they think they are fooling everyone, yet the others already know. I am a huge fan of Castle and Beckett together, but it is nice to see a little screen time given to the other characters (last week Ryan, this week Esposito).

And now for the highlight of the episode: It has finally happened. Castle dumped Gina!! This relationship was a wrong move from the start and I, for one, am grateful that the writers recognized the issue and corrected it. The season is almost halfway over and there has barely been any mention of Castle and Beckett’s significant others.

Beckett’s face upon overhearing Castle broke up with Gina was priceless. This partially opens the door for these two, and considering the January 24 preview, I’d say that is where they are headed. Not that I want these two to rush into a relationship, but a couple of steps forward won’t hurt.

What did you think, TV Fanatics? Excited about Lanie and Esposito? Glad Gina is out of the picture? Sound off below.


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Castle has become one of my favorite shows. Castle/Beckett need to get together and stay will be good for the show.


To be honest, I'm getting tired of Castle. The upbeat atmosphere in a cop show is refreshing, but it still follows a pretty noticeable formula. I'm tired of Castle and Beckett's sexual tension, which is showed all the time but never goes anywhere (saw a trailer which shows they'll correct this, hope so), and I'm tired of Castle always figuring out the solution when he's at home doing something unrelated. The "Eureka" moments are a staple on cop/medical shows, but to have it every episode is very tiring. I keep watching because of Nathan Fillion, who is absurdly amazing. Stana Katic has, surprisingly, a lot of chemistry with him, but the writers usually play it safe and don't really do exciting things with it. Anyway, I'm ranting. And at least they got rid of Gina, who was the most useless characters I've ever seen on a cop show.


Was a never a fan of Gina. Sometimes you just can't go back. I would have rather they'd have put him in a relationship with somebody he didn't have a past with. I love this show. it's the perfect little "upper" for a Monday. You end a usual crappy Monday with a bang. I love that it's funny and quirky instead of all serious and gory like most crime shows. I love Castle and Beckett's relationship, love how they dance around one another. I thought Lanie and Esposito was adorable!


Caskett will happen, for sure, it`s just a matter of time. As for the show itself, it has to find a balance between tension like Tick Tick/Boom eps and comedy. Some eps feel at times as just time filler.


As long as they don't drag the whole "Castle/Beckett issue" for 6 seasons... it's fine. I think it's too soon for them, anyway.


I might not have liked Gina, but breaking up with the ex-wife over the phone is not the classiness I expect from Rick Castle. As for the keep them apart forever (or a very long time) idea - the problem is that the premise of the show will only sustain them dancing around for so long. He can't just hang around the precinct forever.


I love everything about Castle.The relationship between he and Beckett is like an addiction.I hope they never get together. Look what happened to that show with cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis.It was a fantastic Show because of their look but dont touch relationship. As soon as they broke that the series went downvin flames.
Anyway,my son and i really look forward to Mondays,ipray they leave it alone.


ding dong the witch is gone. The look on Beckett's face when she overheard Castle say, "It's over" spoke volumes of feelings she is acknowledging or keeping hidden.


I love lannie and esposito!!!!!!!!


Great that Castle finally dumped Gina, she's "all about money and power" greedy bitch for me. "Lanito" is cute :)

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