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Chuck has claimed his love will always remain "the exact same Sarah Walker."

But that wasn't really the case in "Chuck Versus the Gobbler." Draped in leather, wearing a jet black wig and sunglasses, this was not the blonde, orange mini skirt-donning, ice cream scooper we knew from a couple of seasons ago. 

Sarah was attempting to convince Volkoff that she had turned bad this week, and while that may have proved to be easier than one might imagine, it involved tearing herself away from Chuck.  This was not an easy task for Agent Walker.

Undercover Sarah

While some have complained that Chuck and Sarah have never been able to just be happy, I ask: who wants to watch that?  Chuck has done a good job lately of keeping conflict between our romantic heroes, yet not making any of it seem stale. 

Sarah is undercover in Volkoff Industries and, therefore, has to stay away from Chuck.  Mama B explains that keeping her distance from Chuck will make things easier, so Sarah declines to read Charles's text message near the end of the episode.  The fact that we know how much Sarah misses Chuck makes the fact that she hits that decline button so much more of a gut punch.

Before we ponder what may lie ahead for our favorite CIA agents, let's take a look at what we got out of the Chuck Triple Threat this week.

We should begin with the epic fight between Sarah and Casey. That second fall from the platform looked like a doozy for Casey, and seeing him so helpless in that hospital bed was a new experience.  It's not often that a character has any physical repercussions for all of the trouble he/she gets into.  This latest injury might make the stakes seem a little more real in the future.  If Casey is up and at 'em in the next  episode, I will be angry.

There was also the nice moment when Sarah took out Volkoff's three guards like they were standing still, which they were.  Chuck got in on things when he took out The Gobbler after a long struggle at the prison.  Now, I understand that The Intersect allows Chuck to be able to fight like a pro, but it shouldn't make him more tolerable to pain. 

This huge dude's punches would've knocked him out in season one.  Is it normal for Chuck to have gained this much tolerance?  And, finally, we had Volkoff just flat out shoot The Gobbler in the head for disappointing him.  I did not see that coming!  It was shades of Emmett Milbarge getting mirked in the face a couple seasons ago.

Apprehended on Chuck

There weren't many one-liners this week from the Buy Morons, but that doesn't mean they didn't make that scene count.  It was nice to get Awesome and Ellie back for the first time in 2011, and Awesome's plan to get Ellie off of the name Grunka for their baby was, in a word, awesome! 

Which would turn you off to the name more: Lester losing his virginity to a Grunka?  There being a serial killer named Grunka?  Or Jeff simply liking the name Grunka?  I'm going with Lester.

Of course, Morgan had his moments.  Some of my favorites included him practicing his tough guy voice; telling Casey that his daughter was wearing Morgan's t-shirt because it's cold and sometimes they have "shirt parties;" all of his antics at the faux birthday party for the security guard; and his introduction of Chuck as a "real killer" at the prison.

Like I noted at the beginning of the review, this episode's heartfelt moments began and ended with Sarah and Chuck being so close, but having to be so far away for now.  My favorite was the both sweet and hilarious moment that Chuck told Sarah he loved her, kissed his finger, and then placed it on Sarah's cheek.  Him immediately asking "Was that weird? That whole finger kissy thingy?" had me bursting out in laughter, but it was very sweet.

This Volkoff guy is really growing on me.  He may be the evil bad guy, but he is also a romantic sap, and I like that combination.  This week, he explained that he loves paintings, poetry, and the art of massage, before begging Mama B to have dinner, lunch, breakfast, or a bit of cake with him.  He is a sucker for the ladies, and hopefully it will help Sarah get Mama B out of there for good one of these days.

Moving Forward
So Sarah is in now. Volkoff buys that she's turned on the CIA, right?  Or does he?  I never questioned that he would let Sarah into the fold this easily, but I did a double take when he so quickly allowed her to see everything in the Hydra eyeball.  After he demolished it and downloaded it to a more secure location, I'm back to thinking maybe he doesn't trust her after all.

How long is it going to take Sarah to bring this whole thing down?  Since I believe this season was originally 13 episodes long, I'm assuming next week's is going to be a big one. And since creator Josh Schwartz tweeted that "the last 5 mins of episode 13 are the best 5 mins CHUCK has ever done," I'm really looking forward to seeing it.


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Dan & Isabel, thanks for your answers! I prefer it that way^^
And I must admit that, even I never have been Sarah's biggest fan (except for that season: that's weird 'cause I didn't want her & Chuck be together but I actually prefer her with him...xD), sometimes I think Chuck may be over reacting, especially now he is a real spy. I mean, I understand him (Casey!!) but he must know better about his girl. And I couldn't help thinking that anyway, when Casey will wake up, he will eventually tell Chuck Sarah didn't throw him so far on purpose.
Anyway, it was a really good episode. I love the Casey/Morgan scenes about Alex. Those to are cute in a friendly way! I really like Chuck but please, you should act like a real spy sometimes man, we're not in season 1 anymore!
Oh, and I was also pleased to see the Awesome's^^
Here, I'm done now


I'm lovin' Chuck this season and I think that the 2 episodes after the break have been absolutely amazing!!! It was really hard to see Sarah turn down Chucks text and the expression on Chuck face when Sarah throws Casey threw the window was unbearble..I really hope Chuck comes back for a 5th season..


This episode was just amazing. I almost cried when I saw Casey in the hospital like that .. If I would compare the series with a cake, he would be the cherry on it. I don't think that Sarah has really changed, since she has already proved her inconditional love to Chuck .. she is just trying to convince Volkoff. Chuck should know better, he should have been able to understand her, not to think that she is changing after all. I would go nuts if I were on his shoes seeing Casey falling, but she had already told him that she was only doing that for him, for the both of them. Despite of the fact that now I have a broken heart due to the last couple of minutes of the episode, I thought it was a really awesome episode. Chuck on its best form. Looking foward to see more, more, and more of my favorite series.


no Superldole..full season :)..and the episode was AMAZING. I do think Sarah's changing a bit (especially after she thinks she REALLY killed Casey) but it's kinda understandable because she has to convince Volkoff. Speaking of Casey, i really hope he doesn't die(which he most likely won't) but it was sooo sad!! I was sobbing..Loved the scene when Alex comes out wearing Morgan's Back to the Future t-shirt. Also, I have a theory to put out there. I think that Samantha isn't Sarah's real just doesn't fit her, and they never really mentioned about her "real" name after that ep. where she tells Shaw.....also, if you can remember the high school reunion ep. from season 2, when the CIA guy is like, "you go by jenny burton here, so-and-so there..funny, when you look at your birth certificate it says..." i think her REAL name is gonna be significant in a way...tied to someone important? bad? good? hope we get some answers in the ep. later this season where there's more of Sarah's back story!


SuperIdole, No. The original set was 13 episodes, which is why next week's should be fantastic. It was originally planned as the season, and maybe series finale. NBC has since picked Chuck up for second half of the season, giving it a total of 24 episodes. You may remain excited for all things Chuck. -Dan


there will be only 13 episodes???? NOOOOO!!


Ack. My reply was meant toward Gabi down here, not to the review. Loved the review. You made a ton of good points. I guess the people who don't like the episode are those who think drama/angst is nonexistent. I came in figured we'd get some, and boy did we.


First off.. really? Well it was telegraphed early on when Chuck said that his Sarah "wouldn't change". I just shook my head at the Chuck writers for that. Secondly, she warned that she may have to go back to her 'old self'. Think Phase Three, minus her looking FOR Chuck. Now she's just the badass agent that was an enforcer early on. Third.. yeah, she's 'changed' in the sense that if she lets her emotions get the best of her, much like Chuck does, then she's doomed from the start in this really, really heavy undercover mission. I don't think she's 'truly' changed.. she's just got to go cold for a while. Don't worry about it! I see happier times ahead.


As good as the episode was I can't get over the feeling Sarah's changed. I don't know... The last minutes of the episode... wow.

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Chuck Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic myself. Paintings, poetry, art of massage, that sort of stuff.


Chuck: I see what's going on here. You're afraid I'm just gonna sit around the house eating Fritos all day because Sarah's gone.
Morgan: I thought it might be Cheetos, but yeah.