Dan and Blair: Will Gossip Girl Go There?

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If the producers of Gossip Girl aren't going there, they're certainly flirting heavily with the idea. As the show begins the second half of its fourth season this evening, the question on many fans' minds is a simple one - will Dan and Blair (gasp) become a couple?

Moreover, should they, and what will the fallout be? Where will this lead?

One last time before new episodes begin ... should Dair get together?

Daniel Humphrey
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GO DAIR!! that´s just what GG needs!!!


i will only like this idea if chuck and blair end up together! i just think this is something the writers want to test..chair forever!


Is it really necessary for the entire cast to have dated one another?! Who's next? Dan and Nate? Serena and Chuck? Vanessa and Rufus? Where does it end?! Keep Dan and Blair as friends, please!


Best thing to happen to the show in a year, at least. I hope they really do a nice job with it. These two have true chemistry!


I think it will be a good direction for GG!
I'm not going to vote. I wanna see what they both offer on the screen 1st :]


"Chair will always be connected to each other" Yeah, they always are, because of their sick games and their reality. But this phrase doesn't even mean they will be a couple soon or that they are endgame. Relax Chair fans, it is a tv show. Enjoy it.


Everyone knows that it's Chuck/Blair endgame but endgame means THE end so to keep them fresh and exciting, as it would most definitely be boring if we got 3 or 4 more seasons of non-stop Chair goodness, I think the writer's should most definitely flirt with some Dair lovage. You can be guaranteed that it'll be fiery, interesting as hell and of course the advantages of getting Chuck and Serena all jealous will inevitably lead to some great GG viewing. Let the war commence! :P


Damn you self destructive chair fans for thinking Dair isn't epic.


I know Chuck and Blair were a little boring last season and they were acting like an old marriage and not everyone liked it at all. I also know that this show needs something new and fresh, but in my opinion Dan and Blair are a huge mistake, they are completly different people, and only in my point of view Dan is just an idiot, who doesn't know what he wants from life. Blair is my favorite character and i would like to see her with someone like prince Louis, (for a while of course)


Safran(GG producer)just said in a recent interview that Chair will always be connected to each other!!
Isn't that funny he is talking about Chair when he's supposed to be promoting Dair? Damage control so soon eh?
He doesnt have to say it out loud but we know he knows Chair has the biggest fanbase


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