Danger! Danger! Another Werewolf, Full Moon Ahead on The Vampire Diaries

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It’s heading toward a battle... people have to start picking sides... we will have a face-off between vampires and werewolves.

So teases Michael Trevino of what Vampire Diaries viewers can expect on the second of season two, which kicks off tonight with "The Descent."

Michaela McManus echoes Trevino's haunting words, as the actress will be sticking around for a bit as Jules. She wants "to protect Tyler," McManus says of her character, but Rose has already experienced the simmering wrath of this werewolf.

Jules Photo

What will happen when her friend Brady (Stephen Arnell) also arrives in Mystic Falls?

"Along with the danger he brings, he also answers some questions for the audience as to where these people are coming from," McManus says to TV Guide.

Producer Julie Plec, meanwhile, hypes that the "vampire/werewolf conflict is about to go from simmer to a boil," while promising another full moon that will result in "bad, bad things."

We can hardly wait. As always, we encourage readers to return to TV Fanatic first thing Friday morning for a detailed review of the latest episode - replete with quotes, music and more! - and to discuss all happenings in our Vampire Diaries forum.




i lov dis whole drama,suspense,vampire,werewolves thingy here.... Wat happend to d old Damon?...cmon...he s mre fun. I wil watch it all d way tho..


Cannot wait till the new episodes...!!!!:)


OHMAGAWDDDDDD soooo stoked for tonight


Can't wait to see this episode! ^^. I heard that Damon's got a bedroom in this following episodes. Can't wait to see that too.:)


Im looking forward to more werewolves


LOVE THE VAMPIRE DIARIES!!! Please bring back Damon of Season 1. Remember the Damon who was tough and such a badass. Remember the Damon who flirted and slepted with women. This softer/whimpy/following elena around like a whipped puppy is so BORING. BRING BACK OUR OLD DAMON!!!!!

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