Ed Westwick to Star in J. Edgar Hoover Biopic

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Eastwood. DiCaprio. Westwick.

Okay, so our favorite Gossip Girl star isn't on par with those screen legends quite yet, but Ed Westwick has signed on for a role in their upcoming J. Edgar Hoover biopic.

J. Edgar focuses on the career of controversial FBI director and his life of scandal as a closeted gay man and rumored cross-dresser. DiCaprio will portray Hoover in the work.

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Ed Westwick has signed on for a role in J. Edgar.

In the movie written by Dustin Lance Black, the Academy Award winning writer of Milk, Westwick will play clean-cut FBI Agent Smith, who apparently gets a little too close to the truth while ghost-writing the secretive Hoover's memoirs.

Nice to see Ed branching out and building his career away from the Upper East Side!

In other Ed news, he and Jessica Szohr are apparently over again ...

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Pennys boat

Congrats to Ed! he deserves it! & stop bashing Jess, laughable


yay! im glad this finaly happened for him!!


God this guy is sexy!! Ed Westwick FTW!


Please tell me he uses his brit accent!


wow! That's will be Great!
I'm looking forward to his new movie!


chairobsessed, FAIL. Jess actually has THREE MOVIES this year, if you're going to be childish at least get your facts straight.


So proud of Mr. Estwick. :)


Congratulations Ed!


go ed he deserves it! And im so glad he and jessica whats her face are over. Hes in an eastwood movie while her latest and only movie that comes to mind is pirhana. Wow what a talented actress, NOT! Anyway, congrats ed!


those are good news:)


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