Eliza Coupe to Guest Star on Community

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Eliza Coupe - aka The Only Funny Part of the Final Season of Scrubs - is coming to Community.

The actress, who played sarcastic intern Jo on the hospital-based sitcom, will guest star as Secret Service Agent Robin Vohlers on “Political Developments and Uncivil Disobedience,” a March episode of Community.

Look for her character to fall for Abed. We can't blame her. And we can't wait.

Eliza Coupe on Scrubs

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@Michael: Elliot Reid was one of the best characters on the show. Sarah Chalke acting skills were amazing, and the character she portrayed was just as amazing too. If you didn't like her character, then you cannot be a Scrubs fan.


I'll go saying the final season of Scrubs wasn't funny...it was painful. They should have let it end the season before. It was AfterMASH bad. I had to stop watching after four episodes. Sarah CHALKE's character was a bubble headed reverse sexist racist on occasion. What's wrong with that? Tons of sitcoms in history have had bigoted leads and were damned funny. Jo was the best part of the lamentable final season, I agree.


Scrubs was never funny sarah clarke character was both a racist and sexist


Her falling for Abed? I guess this could work


It's so true!
I miss Scrubs.
They should have ended it at season eight.
Although, I get to know what happened with the characters from the original cast.
Anyway, Eliza Coupe was amazing in Scrubs. She can only be in the show.


she wasnt the only funny part of the final season of scrubs, franco's brother was great and the main character's obsession with poneys was hilarious
would have it been better for the show to stop after a very boring eighth season? absolutely, but dont go saying the ninth season wasnt funny, it just wasnt scrubs anymore

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