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Who the heck is David Smith? That was the question we were left with at the end of the latest Fairly Legal episode.

Both stories in “Priceless” were well played. Steven Jenks went to prison for 22 years for a crime he didn’t commit.  How do you compensate for that?  What amount of money will make up for losing over two decades of your life?  The State’s formula of $100 per day hardly seemed fair, but I liked Justin’s point:  There is no magical pot of money. 

An excessive settlement will be paid for by taxpayers and may have adverse effects on the community.  Everything has a price.

Paul Schulze on Fairly Legal

But Kate recognizes that Steve is lost.  He has no family, friends or job.  He only has some old dreams that no longer exist and memories of playing ball in an empty lot.  That is what makes Kate’s compromise so perfect. 

The money that would have been spent on a settlement is put towards a community center, which Steve will help run.  The money will help the community and give Steve a job and a purpose.  Of course, I realize that in the real world a mediator probably wouldn’t be able to wave a magic wand and just make that happen, but I still like the concept - and this is TV.  As Kate would say: Win/Win.

The case certainly highlighted the issues between Kate and Justin. They’re both good people.  They both care deeply, but it is clear why they ended up divorcing. 

Justin is a staunch believer in the law and the system.  It is what drives him.  Kate is focused on helping the individual.   Those two points of view often clash and Kate and Justin are both too stubborn to compromise.  Not easy differences to overcome as a couple.

Has anyone else noticed the food theme?  Last week, Kate did an impromptu mediation over beer and beef jerky.  This week, it was the coffee wars and a lecture on breakfast foods.  Is it sad to mention that I can relate to the cab driver?  I love the smell of coffee.

Emotions also ran high over the reading of Teddy Reed’s will.  Kate spent her time avoiding the event.  As she told Justin, the reading of the will meant that her father is really dead and that’s a hard fact to face.  Lauren had just as hard of a time with it as Kate.  Trying to navigate her late husband’s office, assistant, and cases was almost too much and I really felt for her.  The reading of the will seemed to be pushing her to her limits.

The will is split equally, but not into thirds as expected.  It’s split into quarters.  So who the heck is David Smith, I ask again?  No one knows.  What’s your guess?  Illegitimate child?  Long lost brother?  Not having ever met the character of Teddy Reed, it is hard to say, but it’s a wonderful twist to an entertaining show.  I guess we’ll all have to tune back in next week to find the answer.

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Tammy, I completely agree. I've watched both episodes now, the second hoping I would like it better. I have no sympathy for the main character and will not be tuning in again. The character is just awful.


This show is just awful. I've watched both episodes and it makes Ally McBeal look realistic. The ridiculous taxi-bike incident with the coffee? Stupid. I get that I'm supposed to think that Kate is all about making things work out, but all I see is an egotistical, self-centered, selfish brat.


AHA. I thought it was me that did not understand the ending. I will tune in to the next episode. Thought I missed something but apparently that was the point.


Sarah Shahi is fun and gorgeous. Michael Trucco is hot. What's not to like?


David Smith is. . .Richard Dean Anderson! I am really enjoying the show so far as I wait for RDA's appearance as the mysterious David Smith.


I really like this show. It's well written and well acted. The characters are beginning to mesh together. Bringing Belita Moreno as Teddy's assistant is brilliant. She's a good actress and can pull of that snotty, know-it-all attitude. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her. I'll be very disappointed if this show gets cancelled. I hope the network is smart about this show.

Fairly Legal Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

You almost hit that guy on the bike because you were sniffing your coffee.


Her time is not more valuable than mine, Spencer. In fact it's worth a lot less.