Geoff Stults Cast as "The Locator" on Bones Spinoff

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The much-anticipated Bones spinoff has found its lead.

Geoff Stults of 7th Heaven, October Road and Happy Town fame will front the Fox pseudo-pilot, which will air as the 19th episode of Bones‘ current season.

Stults' casting, as reported by TV Line, concludes a lengthy search for the new show's star. The pilot was originally expected sooner, but was pushed back.

Stults, G.

Based on The Locator series of two books written by Richard Greener, the prospective new series will center on Walter Sherman, a.k.a. “The Locator.”

Stults will play the former military policeman who can find anything. Michael Clarke Duncan will play his partner Leo, a "tough cowboy philosopher."

What do you think of the duo at the helm of this potential Bones spinoff? Hit the comments and tell us if you're looking forward to this episode.

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Great character and Stults carries it well, love the ensemble they cast with him, great premise (now I HAVE to read the books), will totally watch the spin off, and look forward to cross over episodes with Bones.


I loved this episode and look forward to the new show. I hope Bones and The Locator aren't on at the same time!!! I would hate to have to choose....


I found the character of Michael Clarke Duncan pretty awesome. Speak softly, but be sure to be a huge guy at the same time.


Loved Geoff in other shows. Loved Michael Clark Duncan and his character. I'm looking forward to seeing the show if it is done with the same humor and good writing of Bones. I would like to see a little cross over of the two shows also.


Loved it..cant wait for the new show..I do hope there are crossovers in some buffy and Angel...This really grabbed my attention.


Just watched "the finder" hot as hell!!! Totally loved the show! Can't wait for more
The whole premises of the series is wicked!


it was a really interesting spin off. i like the locator he's downright insane, but lovable, really looking forward to seeing more in the future


They called him the new Booth (on some other website) He is no Booth! I will try to watch it, but Bones will always be THE tv show for me!


Wow. I have no idea who this guy is, but he'll be fun to watch week to week regardless of whether I've seen him before or not. Clearly, he's no Seeley Booth, however.


Pleah he was good in both 7th heaven and october road and hes cute I would love watchin him week for week.

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