Glee Super Bowl Scoop: "It's a Big One"

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Simply put, when asked at this week's Television Critic's Association press tour, Chris Colfer said of the upcoming Glee Super Bowl episode: "It's a big one."

No kidding. One scene reportedly required the presence of two ambulances on stand-by, while sources confirm it was the most expensive episode to shoot. By far.

Glee Covers Thriller

What does this mean fans should expect on the night of February 6? An elaborate performance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," as seen here, along with a cover of Katy Perry's "California Gurls." Both will involve the use of pyrotechnics.

Storyline-wise, Jane Lynch provided the following spoiler:

"My star Cheerios leave me for the Glee club. I make them choose: You either come with me and do this routine, or stay here and do the half-time routine with the glee club. They choose the glee club, so I don't have a team and I have to forfeit Nationals. That's why
Katie Couric interviews me as the year's biggest loser."

This development will actually lead to Sue joining New Directions during a future episode, where she'll take part in a number set to a My Chemical Romance song. But can we trust her intentions? Unlikely, Lynch teases:

"She's like Glenn Close in Damages. You never know where she's coming from."

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Wow, so they really are just recycling all the plots from season 1. They already did this. In Mash up. So far this season is like season 1, exept awful. The Substitute was really just Rhodes not taken, the sectionals episodes had the same big secret reveal and breakup that the first sectionals had.. Out of ideas already glee?


i reckon it'll be teenagers...cos she actually hates the kids :)


Can't wait for this! :D

Reese williams

my chemical romance song? Really?
lets get our emo on gleeks....


Aww man you should've warned that it was a HUGE spoiler!!!! Still excited for the episode... but still!


wow that was a huge spoiler haah. Was not expecting a full spoiler.. aww man.

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I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.