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Welcome to the 139th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic!

This week's Caption Contest winner is Dark Princess. Congrats!

Honorable mentions go to Chairlife, *HS* and Leile Ava Mila.

Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck next week!

Best Sleepover Ever

Serena: "Is that your purple-obsessed sociopathic billionaire ex-boyfriend beneath the sheets, or are you just happy to see me?"

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Serena: Oh My God! What is he doing here? Blair: Chuck, I told you to wait for me outside! Dan: ...It´s Dan! Blair: That´s what I said. Serena: Since when did you two start seeing each other??


Serena: What was that?
Blair: What? I didn´t hear anything? ( she starts to sing quietly)
Serena: I heard a sneeze!
Blair: What? (laugh) You are probably so hungry that you are hallucinating! Just go and eat, I´m not so hungry anyway.
Serena: B, seriously? What are you not telling me? Start talking!
Blair: Oh..It´s was probably the...kitten!
Serena: You don´t have a kitten? Remember?
Blair: Well... ( sneeze)
Serena: That was defently a sneeze! And it came from below! ( she looks under the bed..and there..is Nate totally naked!)
Blair: I told you it was my kitten.
Serena: Oh My Gosh!! Grose!
Blair: What? As you never have seen him naked before!
Serena: Please, don´t remaind me!
Nate: Haha, you know Blair , she is so rough, sometimes. She just pushed me under the bed and it´s so dusty here. ( Sneeze) So I guess that was a no to a threesome, then!


Serena: She thinks that she can do anything and then get away with it just like that!
Blair: I agree, so typically her.
Serena: And then she expects me to pretend like nothing has happened.
Blair: Yeah, if it wasn´t enough to try to steal your boyfriend and mine for that matter!
Serena: What are you talking about?
Blair: You know, that blonde "thing".
Serena: What?
Blair: Please don´t make me say it! Jenny Blonde Bitch Humphrey, of course. Who did you think it was?
Serena: Blair!...I was talking about my mum!
Blair: Oh....


Blake: Grats, Leighton! I heard you were going to be in the new OMFG Campaign posters. I'm so jealous!
Leighton: ... Just what did you hear about the campaign?
Blake: That it was going to rival The Vampire Diaries "Catch VD" campaign. I heard the poster was going to say, "Watch Gossip Girl. Enjoy your BJ." And you were the main focus on the poster.
Leighton: ... You haven't heard who else is in it?
Blake: Isn't it you and Jack? I mean, I know you and Chuck were supposed to be endgame, but they're already flirting with Dair and you have great chemistry with Desmond Harrington. And everyone was wondering about the two of since season 2 and New Year's.
Leighton: Jack isn't the J in the BJ, Blake. I'll give you a clue on who the J is. Tim Gunn doesn't like it, it's a raccoon, its knowledge of geography sucks, and it makes me want to die.


Blair: serena ! havent you been in half the upper east siders beds now your in mine ! Serena: yes and it was fun but the ratings are down this season so the producers used the 'lesbian faze' to bring back viewers. Blair: oh i thought they were using the same storyline as season one 'girl sleeps with bestfriends boyfriend' Serena: wait what im supposed to sleep with chuck damm i get around ! Blair: no im supposed to sleep with dan its gunna be a shock to viewers


Serena: can i sleep in your bed B
Blair: why S has your bed broke with all the notches on the bedpost?


Serena: Oh My God! What is he doing here?
Blair: Chuck, I told you to wait for me outside!
Dan: ...It´s Dan!
Blair: That´s what I said.
Serena: Since when did you two start seeing each other??


Serena: I see dead people
Blair:OMG,She is so stupid!!!


Serena: Blair i've been calling you why havent you answered?
Blair: oh i um i was just listening to my oh oh my my my music
Serena: why are you repeating yourself?
Blair: sorry hmm what did you just say?
Serena: you know what B you're clearly in the middle of something i'll meet you downstiars for breakfast
Blair: alright yeah mmm yeah i'll make you breakfast
Serena: oh you've got someone under there i get it!! chuck?
Chuck: go away Serena


Serena:(thinking) oh my gosh Blair has man toes!
Blair: (thinking) mmm i should take my own advice and hang a sock on the doorknob cos barbie over here thinks i've grown a gut overnight. earth to Serena i am not alone go away... ugh!

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