Gossip Girl Photos: "The Kids Are Not All Right"

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Gossip Girl returns January 24, or two weeks from this coming Monday. Below are the CW's photos from the first episode of the new year, "The Kids Are Not All Right."

There is blackmail. There is intrigue. There is a new woman in Chuck's life. Blair and Dan will become closer, as will Serena and Ben. It's going to be a wild rest of the season.

Click to enlarge the photos (the mysterious new figures are Tika Sumpter as Raina Thorpe and Michael Boatman as Russell Thorpe) here and tell us what you think ...

Meester Charles
Russell and Raina
Our Fair Serena
B to the Dizzubs
Lily Under Fire
Maiden in Crisis
That Ominous Look
Crimes and Miss Serena
Just Russell
Off the Waldorf

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I'm glad to see them bringing an African American girl onto the show and showing that she's just as sexy, smart, etc as the other girls. I feel that African Americans get unfair representation in our culture, which is such a sad thing.


Blair and Dan is like ugh!! Puhleez....you can't just hook up everybody with everybody. Besides, Blair and Chuck are like meant to be together. And since when does Lily Van der Woodsen become a bitch---cummon GG, we deserve something better! Hope Lily gets her itsy-bitsy bit of brains back with the start of the new season, and drop the idea of fighting a lawsuit or something with her 21 year old step-son. And what happened to the mystery dude--Lily and Rufus Humphrey's biological son!!


Damn Chuck! You're looking all kinds of sexy.


@HotsForDamon, I believe it's all a scheme to take down Lily and Raina (is that her name?)'s father, whom I believe bought The Empire Hotel from Lily.


I dont like that all the characters I care about are sad in the promo pics.
Not looking forward to the arrival of the Thorpes. But new blood is needed to bring new drama. But please enough with the guest stars. Just stop.

Reese williams

chair fans, seriously... calm the fuck down.
lol considering new chick and new guy look like a couple, chuck and that chick having an affair would be pretty juicy :D
im lookin foward to new eps heaps an im a chair fan.


Gossip Girl fans are way too vicious. Tika Sumpter is gorgeous!


I do not think its a good idea to hook blair with dan! Although i would love to see chuck jealous this show will become a freak show if that happens! there should be a limit, everyone can not sleep with everyone...and Dan is a man Serena loves and they are Best Friends. Blair can get another guy, other than DAN for example French royal could come back with a shoe. that would be really fun to watch. Seriously Dan and Blair hookup is disgusting for me.


i'm dizzy. chuck loves blair. but he has a new girl.
dan loves serena. but he is flirting with blair.
blair loves chuck and hates dan.
serena loves dan. but now she is falling for ben.


Ugh Serena and Ben... ew! Dan and Serena just got together, and now they're splitting up again? It's nice to see some diversity in this show though.

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