Gossip Girl Promos: "Damien Darko"

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Gossip Girl kicked off 2011 on a lackluster note last night with "The Kids Are Not All Right."

Hopefully, next week's episode will expound on some of the newly introduced plot lines.

These early promos for "Damien Darko" certainly suggest as much. It appears new friends Dan and Blair are thrust into competition over an internship, with shenanigans to follow.

Meanwhile, Chuck is up to his old tricks and using Raina to wrest control of Bass Industries. Just business? Whatever you say, Chuck. Whatever you say. Here's the CW promo:

Well? What do you think? Is this the week Dan and Blair become more than friends? Click here for TV Fanatic's photo gallery from "Damien Darko" for some quality Dair shots, then follow the jump for a longer version AND a Canadian promo, which is quite different ...

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@ ALE* on the blair not hooking up with dan because of serena, ithink its pretty obvious that theyve all jumped into someone elses bed (apart from serena and chuck) theyve all pretty much slept with the other (serena jumps easily from dan to nate when ever shes in the mood) and chuck even slept with jenny! theyve probs all got herpes and they just keep passing back and thorth between one another! ;)


I understand why people like Dair, it's refreshing 'cause GG was getting a little boring but PEOPLE! remember this is Blair we are talking about, it's just WRONG! i'll admit it, it's funny to see their interaction, but I really believe they should just do a one time thing and then assuming that they are better off like friends, you know? becoming BFF's or something like that! I would absolutely love it that way. Anyway, Blair belongs with Chuck, even though they should stay apart for more time, for their plots to develop and thicken apart. Besides, I think that it's understandable for Dan to get tired of following Serena around but common! it's of a really bad taste for him to get into his BFF nickers... I now that the series revolves around every possible mix they can do in couples but Blair is the moralist when it comes to betrayal ('cause she is always afraid of Serena's doing on that department), so if they actually do that couple I honestly think that they'll go through the line of ridiculous. I'm not going to talk about Serena possible refound love interest, every season needs at least two of them and they never stick around long enough 'cause they're oh-so-boring (or maybe she, dating someone it's the boring thing XD)


I love Chair--> Chair=Endgame fer sure. But if Chair were together til the end of the series, they would be boring. Dair is new and exciting, the will they/won't they more unpredictable than any Chair scenario that could happen this season. Thank you producers!!


If the writers hadn't began this Dair relationship I would have been so bored with GG and maybe given up on it. Go Dair!!


The canadian promo music is better. The extended promo kinda redeemed the CW promo. I'm actually intrigued with the only Nate scene that we see here. Why are they telling him about Thorpe's daughter and Chuck? Could this mean that Nate and Raina's future relantioship (as per spoilers) started like Nate's attempt to either help or protect his BFF? Also, the episode is named Damien Darko, but neither of the promos has Damien in it. Either Damien's storyline is a big surprise or this was the only title they could come up for the episode.


I'd just like to say that I called Blair going into the fashion industry as a magazine editor a year and a half ago. I could so picture her sitting at a desk Miranda Priesly style and making everyone frantic with her perfectionism. But whenever I brought it up, everyone said "no, blair's going to be a lawyer, remember how she defended chuck in 2.14?" Yay! Blair wants to be a fashion magazine editor!


So, everyone was totally against dan and blair including me when I first heard about it. But now that I have seen them together and the chemistry that they have, I am all for it. I still love Chuck and Blair but they obviously want to give them a break for a while. I actually like Dan and Blair. I am anxious to see where their story develops, but I'm open for anything. They and so opposite that they are cute.....sorry dair haters, just know I used to be one of you..


I was just about to hate Gossip Girl when Dair came out of nowhere and wooed me!! I now love the show and Im really looking forward on dair being more than just friends. They have so much in common! I love the previous episode and Im sure I'll love the one after it!


The throw down between Dan and Blair looks HILARIOUS!

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