Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: "The Kids Are Not All Right"

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After screwing over Ben and the ensuing consequences Serena had to deal with years later - not to mention her Bass Industries power grab - Lily is persona non grata on Gossip Girl.

It's little surprise that when the show returns Monday January 24, you can cut the tension at the Humphrey-VDW breakfast table with a knife. Rufus' waffles can't smooth this one over.

Check out this sneak peek from "The Kids Are Not All Right" ...

If you missed it, we also posted a bunch of new Dan and Blair photos from the January 31 episode as well. Follow that link for your first glimpse of "Damien Darko."

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i can't believe serena is acting like everything's her mother's fault. she should really show more respect for her mother. she shouldn't be where she is without her mom's power status and money. and how many times has lily cleaned up after serena? sure, lily put an innocent man in jail, but lily wouldn't have jumped to conclusion if serena behaved better in the past. because serena went around causing trouble everywhere, it is plausible that lily would've thought worst about her daughter. i am not 'team lily' though. she really should've taken things slowly and have a PI find out the whole story before making a decision as big as putting in man in jail.


Booooooring!! I love bitchy Lily!!


I fully support Serena on this one. Dan looks cute, maybe that will explain in part whatever attraction Blair might feel towards him (I'm a C&B fan, I'm rationalizing the future). You can see the love and pride when Serena looks at him at one point. I want him with Serena at the end and people need to stop being so prude about them, they are not blood brothers and is not their fault that Rufus and Lily are 2 incompetents that couldn't make it work when they were their age and ended up having a child that is half brother of both of them.


rufus is wayy too much of a nosey dude, and i started gettin nnoyed by him at around season 3


You know, I've never held much respect for Serena, but she is easily my favourite character here. Good for her for not wanting to simply brush away the fact that an innocent man has been rotting away in prison while Lily lived the high life. I thought something was screwy with Lily back in season 2 with how she wanted to handle the whole Poppy Lifton debacle but this incident just proves that somebody needs to force some moral decency into the woman.


gotta love S!!! .jaja!!


I think Serena should be with Ben, in last episode when she visited him i saw huge chemistry so ia think there's going to be something in the future :)


What a nice family moment. I do like Serena much better than before. I just hope Serena goes with Ben or anyone for that matter as long as it's not Dan. This is so gross.


I'm really enjoying Serena's character this season! I think she's almost toping B on my ranking (B's my favourite). Anyway, she's just so much more mature than before! "How amny times did you get your hair done this week while an incocent man sat in prison?". Kill Lily.


Omg Rufus is sooooooo anoying!! Give the man a real storyline already

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