Greek Review: "Defending Your Honor"

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Welcome back to CRU!

The season premiere of Greek did not disappoint. Our favorite students were back in action, showing that everyone has to grow up at some point.

On "Defending Your Honor," the seniors were graduating, making me question how the show was going to handle having some of the main characters out of college. Fortunately, the writers have found a way to keep them mostly included.

Fourth Season Premiere Pic

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I am loving Rebecca as the new ZBZ president. She is going to be such a total control freak/mean girl that will be sure to cause some laughs. The exchanges with Dale were priceless, especially the catty fight after the toga party!

Rusty is such an adorable little brother. He stands up for Casey every chance he gets, even if it’s to his KT big brother. Trying to run against Cappie for president because he hurt Casey was such an awesome move. Here is hoping that Rusty settles into a good spot this season, both in the house and in a relationship.

Now, on to the bright spot of the hour: Casey Cartwright. This girl has been my favorite since the beginning of the series. Even though she can be super selfish and not so nice, her Bambi eyes suck me back in every time. Watching her deal with Joel was great. Grown up Casey is fun and I am pumped that she is staying at CRU.

Cappie, Cappie, Cappie. What are we going to do with you? He has proven time and time again that he is immature and doesn’t want to grow up, but it was about time that he admitted it. Last season, he was so intent on making things work with Casey, but he just walked away after Spring Break? Not cool. At least he rushed in to apologize. Let’s hope that he keeps his word on promising to change and these two can work things out.

So, this is now the beginning of the end, as Greek has started its final season. Will you be sad to see our ZBZ’s and KT’s leave the party or do you think it’s time that our favorite Greeks move out? Sound off now, as you sort through a handful of Greek quotes from the premiere.


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So I guess I must be the only person who finds Casey to be the most whiney, annoying and selfish character... seriously. To me it seemed like the only thing she did throughout season 2 and 3 was complain about Evan, or Cappie, or Rebecca, or Frannie, or.... you get my point. Anyway, my personal gripes aside, it was a good episode, but I agree, the wait was waaay too long, although I don't feel sad that this is the last season. I guess you can't stay in college forever. Rebecca has and always will be a highlight of the show for me personally, plus she gets the best one-liners of them all! I would like to see more of Rusty this season, I felt that the plot line drifted away from him in the later seasons as opposed to the beginning of the series. Dale is hilairious, Ashleigh is super cute, and Evan is alright, but I want to see more Calvin!Casey and Evan are more suited to each other than Cappie and Casey, and personally I would love to see Capppie and Rebecca end up together! But hey, that's just me.


I like this show, and i am happy when it comes on again...
But whit all the large breaks I realy feel i wont be so sad when the end comes. I mean yea i well want to see more GREEK and I whel watch the episodes again online and buy the DVD´s but i wont be sad because the show its gone. ABC Family already prepare my for the end of the show whit this long hiatus. To make it short, THE LONG HIATUS KILL THE SHOW, so be carefully PLL all the fans dont stay all the rime there. Whe move on.

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Loved having my KT's and ZBZ ladies back! Rusty was awesome in this episode and there is just something about Cappie! I am happy that the show didn't just have them back on after all that has happened and I seriously hope the show will not veer anywhere near a reunion between Evan and Casey because I actually like him and Rebecca together! Oh and Dale...u rock!! oh and My favourite line of the episode had to be Cappie's 'et tu Beaver', laughed so hard! :)


am i the only one who sees that Evan and Casey belong together? evan has grown up so much as has casey... i love cappie but he's not right for casey


Ah the triumphant return of Greek! This was Greek at it's best again. I loved this episode, great lines, great scenes (The dance scene at Omega Chi hillarious, oh Heath). And as a sidenote it was awesome to see Dean Bowman back, and I love that the last line of his speech was a theme in the episode.


i loved the premiere of season 4! my only gripe was that calvin suddenly felt guilty about rigging the "handling" of spring break - he seemed fine with it at the end of last season? apart from that though i loved it :)


i still don't think it was cappie's fault at spring break. nobody wants to hear that their partner thinks their relationship has an experation date

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How am I supposed to look cute in this stupid graduation burka?


There's Casey. I could spot those blonde locks in the middle of a Swedish flea market.


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