Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Golden Hour"

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On the February 17 episode of Grey's Anatomy, Meredith looks to prove she is Chief Resident material and learns anything can happen when she runs the ER for a night.

"Golden Hour" is the episode taking place in real time. It will be interesting to see if the filming style resembles the faux-documentary episode or an episode of ER.

Meanwhile, Bailey sneaks off with Eli and gets into trouble, and everyone is shocked when none other than the Chief's wife, Adele, shows up as one of the ER patients.

Check out photos from "Golden Hour," which refers to the crucial first hour after a trauma, which can often be the difference between life and death, below:

Mer: Grace Under Pressure
She's Runnin' the Show
ER Chaos
Seattle Shot-Caller
Richard, Alex, Meredith
Her Golden Hour
Ready to Do This?!
Complications Abound
Need Answers
Concerned Man
Still On the Phone
The New Boss
Urgent Call
Woman at the Helm
Chief and Alex

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I've just read the Golden Hour takes place overnight, so there'll be fewer staff around. It would kinda make sense for Mer's blindness to be a cliffhanger at the end of the episode.


Go Meredith!! Go Ellen!! :D


L like to see Mer's Doctor part,smart, strong, Please don't do" baby story" ,"fake daddy isuure" any more


There is a spoiler that says that this episode where Meredith goes blind, because there is no one in the ER to help her.


I forgot to say that the promo photos for 7.12 showed MerDer holding hands (whilst watching Cris in the OR) in the gallery. That didn't get shown in the episode (so disappointed at that). So we might not see the scratch/bite etc..


GA seems to be doing a balancing act with trying to give the main cast a storyline. So this is Mer's turn, long overdue. It'll be intersting how we get to see all the docs this episode. I'm so suspicious of the fact they have shown us pictures of Mer's scratch/bite etc. It could be contagious....oooer


I like Mer too, however I disagree that she's the main character of the show.She's lost this title way back somewhere around Season 1, the show very quickly became 5 fold:Mer, Cristina, George, Izzie & Alex. Then later on other good & bad characters were added up & because of that all stewing & simmering it's been a very successful show. If it was all about Mer all the time there wouldn't be that many fans following the show.Shonda knows what she's doing. That's being said I'm very pleased for all hardcore Mer fans, they do deserve Mer's episode no question, it's been a while. GA rocks!


Excited???? That word doesn't even begin to sum up what I am feeling for this epi. I don't care what the epi turns out to be just the fact that its about Mer wld make me love it no matter what. I have been starved of Mer in the past few epis This season started off so damned beautiful infact if you ask me the premier epi was one of THE best premiers since the premier epi of Season 3 and then the following four epis up to Almost Grown Up are just SUPERB SUPERB SUPERB SUPERB i can watch these first five epis over and over again But since then the season has been going spiraling down. I mean yeah I DID enjoy the DerStina stuff but that was about it Then again epi 11 Disarm happened and I was like WOW the season is BACK but then Start Me Up happened and now I seriously don't know what to expect
The point is Grey's and this baby SL has become way WAY too predictable I mean seriously who isn't out there who didn't think once that Callie might end up pregnant? Who didn't think that something wld go wrong ith the baby and wld lead to Addi coming and also wld lead to the musical epi?
All of us knew this is going to happen and that is disappointing coz Grey's is supposed to be SHOCKING so shocking that you are always on the edge of your seat
Thank God for MerDer just thank thank god for them It seems like its only their SL which isn't predictable at the moment I mean I seriously don't know whats in store in the Alz trial or how wld it effect MD i don't know when wldMer get pregnant I don't know if Ber wld end up with Alz I don't even know whats in store for this Mer centered epi and then there is the whole Mer gng blind thing Phew I don't know and I can't guess any of these things and thank god for it At least the core part of Grey's still is pretty much unpredictable


I am really looking forwad to an episode centered around Meredith. This has not happened in a while. I think she will rock as Chief Resident because she meets all the qualities.


Hell yeah! Mer centric! About time that the Grey shows who's boss! Also, what's up with Alex's hair? Looks darker.

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