Grey's Anatomy Review: "Disarm"

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Overall, "Disarm" was a good episode. The storyline involving a gunman shooting up a college clearly paralleled what happened at Seattle Grace and allowed all of the doctors’ lingering shooting-related issues to be exposed. Plus, a lot of loose ends were finally tied up.

Meredith told Derek how much him being shot affected her. She explained that he needed to help her just as much as he had been helping Cristina.

They seem to be getting closer again, which the show really needed. Also, there’s the subplot of Meredith and Derek trying to have a baby. Do you think this will happen any time soon? Won’t it change the whole dynamic of the show?

Emotionally Reeling

Meredith, Derek and Richard reflect on the past and what they must do.

It was sad that Cristina Yang had been living in Seattle for so long and did not even know where the Space Needle was, but it was great to see her back in surgery.

The long-awaited reunion with Meredith at the end of the episode did not disappoint. Hopefully, they will be able to restore their friendship to what it was before.

Teddy seems stressed about the wedding, but Henry was very charming at the end of the episode. Will they stay together or will the marriage of convenience backfire?  

What will this do to her relationship with Owen, who is clearly annoyed?

Callie and Arizona are still fighting. They were able to work together professionally, but Callie does not seem to be anywhere near forgiving Arizona.

Do you think that Arizona will wait around until Callie forgives her or will they break up? If the Chief was serious about Arizona having to work under Dr. Stark, there should be a lot of drama in the pediatrics department in upcoming episodes.

Jackson and Bailey showed that they are still not fully recovered from the shooting.

Jackson demonstrated that he’s trying, though, when he spoke sympathetically to the shooter’s mother after walking out of the shooter’s surgery.

Meanwhile, Bailey became very emotional and angry when her patient Chuck started coding, but his survival should help her recover as well.     

Miranda and Owen

Everyone reacted to last night's challenges in his or her own way.

Lexie was panicky for most of the episode, but, after Mark gave her the opportunity to save a patient’s life, she told him she loved him.

Where is this going to go? Mark is historically a commitment-phobe, so we will have to wait and see if he runs or sticks around for good.

How did you feel about the scene where everyone was watching Cristina and Teddy’s surgery and the Chief announced that all 26 victims survived? Everyone broke down into tears and then began laughing hysterically. Clearly, the doctors were exhausted and dealing with post-traumatic stress, but the reaction was pretty intense.

The best scene of the episode was when the crowd sang the Pacific College song outside, and all of the doctors were seen working together in peace for the same goal - saving patients - despite their personal problems.

What did you think of last night's episode? What were your favorite moments? Follow this link to browse through some of the episode's Grey's Anatomy quotes and then leave us a comment telling us your impressions of "Disarm."


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Please helppppp what's the music played in the end? when the heart starts beating ant they are all watchin up there?? It's known.. actually I've already heard it in a movie or something but I cannot remember which one.. help pleaaaase thank you


Sneak peeks are out already!!! Hallelujah!!! (check out the forum, there is a link in there!) they are awesome


Never doubt the power of a break! Thank you writers for finally allowing Meredith to tell her husband that she too has suffered and he has been ignoring her needs!!!!!! I wanted to slap Derek when he called her a spoiled brat but when she gave it back to him very calmly but firmly I was cheering in my living room. I'm not sure if Derek knew that Meredith offered herself to the gunman but I'm glad he knows now. I'm also happy to see signs of McBaby interest! I thought it was hilarious when she said she couldn't look it him to have sex (because she was mad at him) and he told her to turn around. Classic! I wasn't completely happy with Meredith's reunion with Cristina but it will do as it resolves this long and at times very annoying conflict. So glad Callie is standing her ground with Arizona. I agreed with everything Callie said. I can't lie, I'm hoping Callie is pregnant by Mark and that they work together as co-parents as I realize they love other people. I love their chemistry and really wished long ago that the writers would put them together. I do hate what it will do to Lexie because she has grown on me and I know she cares for Mark. Don't really care how it affects Arizona LOL. Alex is a rock star and I hope beyond hope that HE wins the chief residency as he is the only resident that deserves it. Meredith has no specialty and the writer's haven't developed her as a kick ass surgeon and Cristina just came back from a break which lasted several months. Alex is the only senior (5th year? or 4th year?) resident that has worked consistently and grown consistently this season and I really want him to experience a WIN. He deserves it. Fingers crossed. Stark is hilarious. I love Peter MacNichols.


Oh and Alex made the show for me....all state baby...LOL


I watched this episode once more, and I still love it! Every single story line in this was perfect, even the Teddy storyline towards the end I found myself actually having a reaction to, rather then being bored with will be interesting to see where that will go... I sm so so so so excited for next week...please DO NOT let callie be pregnant...


un ottimo episodio,ritmo giusto,non una fase di stanca.Piacevolissima l'inquadratura della foto merder,Esilarante Derek quando alza gli occhi al cielo al commento di Mer:" sto ovulando"e impagabile l'espressione di lei con il dito sulle labbra dopo averla pronunciata.Sono tuttavia perplessa dall'atteggiamento di Derek quando le chiede"lo dobbiamo fare o no"?Quasi fosse un obbligo coniugale e non il piacere di stare insieme.E' infastidito?La fotografia della scena di merder sul ponte è stupenda :suggestiva ed emozionante.Il bacio tra i due non puo'essere passionale,come qualcuno chiedeva,almeno non in questo contesto,siamo tra altre persone ed in più in un ospedale e poi l'abbraccio trasuda tenerezza da tutti i pori,quando derek le cinge le spalle e le accarezza il braccio le sta dicendo che lui è lì a proteggerla e a prendersi cura di lei.ITALIA


The begining of episode is awesome! can't wait for the next week


Can't get over how great this episode was. For me, all the storylines were great and this was the best episode of the season. I just have to give special mention to the gallery scene because I found that to be perfect.


@ LuvMerder
totally agree w/ you!! Especially about Calzona!


Oh my Christina is back! I missed The nice Twisted sarcastic Christina, a wonderfull episode! But now the twist, there are to many characters to follow! So Ive got lost in too many stories! The season is getting better!

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