Hawaii Five-O Review: "Kaie'e"

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I'm torn about this Hawaii Five-O episode.

On one hand, "Kaie'e" was very exciting, surprising me by bringing up potential consequences from the money the Five-O had taken in order to save Chin's life. This required serious suspension of disbelief.

I was nearly able to get into that head space, but once McGarrett started to suspect that the tsunami wasn't real, it made it difficult to do so. The hoax seemed too grand a scheme to be pulled off without more people realizing it was a fake.

Surf Lesson

The episode was saved by the reveal that the hoax was a setup to steal cash from the H.P.D. evidence locker, as we saw the severe consequences an investigation would bring for the Five-O.

No one in the group showed regret for taking that money, but Danno did bring up a valid point that the team had been over-stepping things in order to solve the crimes they had been investigating. And of course there was the big surprise at the end when all the members were willing to face the music about the missing money, only to find out that all the money was accounted for.

My main theory is that the governor is covering for McGarrett and his crew, but I have a second one: It may be possible that Wo Fat had the money returned as well, because villains never need a good reason to mess with heroes.

Elsewhere, I always enjoy seeing Danno's daughter Grace. Her scenes added a light touch to a pretty intense story.

McGarrett's quasi girlfriend helped play a vital role by generously using government equipment to assist in the investigation. I sort of like the character, but it would nice if we could get a little more of her than brief morning-after shots, or scenes where she's blatantly doing something that could get her court marshaled.

Despite the few moments where the slight ridiculousness of the scenario hit me, this was a good episode. I'm looking forward to future developments regarding the reappearing money.


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Mrs cleaver

I liked this episode alot.
I'm thinking Wo Fat replaced the money after his "chat" with the guy in the prison. WHY is the question.
I agree I'd like to see more of Catherine and Steve other than just the "morning after" shots. I'd also like to see more of Steve with less clothes on period (but don't tell Ward).
Now Kono is who you'd go to if you wanted to learn to surf, but I thought the part where she grabbed Dano's chin was a bit intimate. Anything going on there?


lol @ Analise...I totally agree....Scott Caan is overplaying DannO a little too much...I'd like these guys to develop a deeper relationship that doesn't just rely on jokes and superfluous crap!

Matt richenthal

@L S: Do you live in Pittsburgh or New York? It's possible those local markets stuck with post-game reaction to the AFC Championship Game, but all other CBS affiliates aired this special episode last night.


Did I miss something, because for me this episode is on tonight. Yeah talk about spoiler


I agree with you, someone else on that island besides old Mammo must have realized the tsunami wasn't happening. Also agree it's time to give Catherine more to do. She seems intelligent and they seem to be committed for now, so give them some more in-depth scenes. The money mystery is fabulous. I'm as perplexed as SteveO seems to be. Finally, I got to admit, I'm about ready to see SteveO put a sock in DannO's mouth. He's usually funny, but they just overplayed that aspect last night.


I have my suspicions regarding her honor the Governor????? As for the disappearing, reappearing $$$$$$$$$ there is more to this then meets the eye.That is what keeps me going back for more.... AS for that tsunami those people must have been relieved or so that is what i think happened. They never commented about the whole hoax.But being in Hawaii they are probably use to drills and false alarms??????


It is an important question as to who replaced the money. If the governor is telling the truth about it all being there, it would have had to be replaced by someone who 1) knew it was missing $10 million, 2) had access to the locker, 3) had some sort of motivation to conceal the theft, and 4) had access to that (rather sizable) amount of money (or some really good counterfeits). On a side note, it's a "court martial" not "court marshal". :)

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