Jessica Szohr: Dating Aaron Rodgers!

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Jessica Szohr is dating Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers star.

We know, we know. That means Ed is back on the market, ladies!

Rodgers, the quarterback of the NFL team, dined with the actress Saturday at Bistro Romano along with his Packers teammate Brett Goode and a date.

Jessica Szohr, who recently broke up with co-star Ed Westwick, posed for a few pictures with the waitstaff on her way out of the Italian restaurant.

Jessica and Aaron

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I guess Jess is nw wiv Chace,wish them a longlasting 1, Ed hez gonna find his heartrob soon..


Jessica Szohr is better than ed..


I'm ecstatic.


Always had the feeling Jessica was in it for the attention as much as for him, while he was actually smitten with her... for awhile. Seems she and Blake have a lot in common - they're both ladder-climbers and fame-hungry. Leighton, Ed, Penn, and even Chace seem to be more cautious about how they build their careers - Blake and Jessica rely an awful lot on their cleavage to create buzz. :(


Ed Westick, you can hit me up anytimee sexy.

Avatar people are so pathetic !!!!!!!!!!!!! ed and leighton will not .....never... as for jess,good for her,she is hot and deserves a hot boyfriend! i love her as vanessa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reese williams

she looks real pretty there.
good on her


She is so pretty! But I'm glad that Ed is single ;)


tvfantic is so late on this! it been known that her and ed have been donce since november but still hang and she been with aaron since at least December. And for LeighEd fans it is not going to happen. They actually aren't even compatible as a couple and Leighton said she saw Ed as her brother. They been single for how long and still don't want to fuck each other? get a clue. Apparently Jess has done better. I just have to quote this¡


So happy!
Hopefully now Ed and Leighton :D


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