Kate Walsh to Appear in Latest Grey's Anatomy Crossover!

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Kate Walsh is going back where it all began.

The Private Practice star, whose character played a huge role in the second and third seasons of Grey's Anatomy, is headed back to Seattle Grace in a spring episode.

TV Line suggests this may be an ominous sign for Callie's baby, as Addison will be summoned to Seattle March 31 for the purpose of helping out with a medical crisis.

Calzonasloan's child seems the likely case.

Mark on Private Practice!

Addison and Mark last season, during Eric Dane's baby-related crossover.

The good news, at least according to what we've gathered, is that the baby won't be lost like others on Grey's Anatomy. So don't expect a miscarriage this time. Phew.

Then again, just because there's no miscarriage doesn't mean there won't be complications (or tragedy) once the little guy/girl is born. Hopefully not, but it's possible.

For now, we don't know much else about Addison’s latest trip up the coast ... and we can only imagine her reaction upon learning Mark's role in this unusual situation.

Excited to see her? How do you see it playing out? Comment below!

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@Julie Technically this isn't a crossover for Private Practice but for Grey's Anatomy. In the current season, the characters of PP are the ones going to Grey's so I don't think that PP is relying on Grey's at all. I actually think that PP more or less found their footing this season especially through Charlotte's rape and whatever other family problems Addison will be working through.


Gaswwwwwd..Another lame crossover for no real reason? I think I threw up a little in my mouth. No wait a minute, I threw up A LOT in my mouth. Enough already. These crossovers are insipid. When will PrP be able to get it's own show without relying on GA to push it along?


that will be an awsome episode!!!! All crosssovers are!!! Yeah


Shonda's saying is ''You can't have it all'' and I don't think this case is an expetion.


Sorry but I'm a French Canadian and my English isn't as good as I'd like but well...
-------------------------------- Agreed with you @KristenR1983. If Addisson is back, it's not good, not good at all for Callie's baby because each time she was called, it was for an emergency.
I'm pretty sure the baby will die and only question will be to when it will happen, during the surgery because of the obligation to make a crucial and quickly choice between to save Callie or her baby, both being an impossible task OR Addisson managed to do a a little miracle but the baby too weak, dies a few hours later due to complications?)
Who is really surprised at least?! It was the best and only solution to stop all this fiasco made around the baby storyline, so wrong for different reasons like already wrote some people here! I only regret the very dark path chosen by Shonda Rhimes because to loose a baby in these conditions is maybe the most painful experiece and parents never recover totally even if they have children after. A miscariage is maybe "less" painful but like they already proposed it for Meredith, they had to find something else to explain the baby loss... I just hope that further to this delivery provoked in the urgency, Callie will not become sterile... So, if there is still no baby in this season, maybe that the season 8 will be THE one with Derek/Meredith and Callie/Arizona...I'd like to see the adoption issue treated! It is a beautiful way to have and love kids too! :-D


I hope that Callie and Sloanes baby makes it ok! I'm so happy for these two :) the both got what they wanted AND its with each other. They're great friends so I wouldn't have it any other way :)


i just hope they have a good amount of MD in the musical epi I don't know if Pd or EP can sing or no but they better be there else it won't mean a frigging thing to me They r even bringing back Addi specially for the musical epi so MerDer too better be there Period!


I agree that Arizona should leave the situation not only for her sake but everyones. I think that she promised not to bail on callie and thier relationship but that was before she knew about the baby. Now after the shooting last year she said they would have kids so its not like she going back on what she wants really but they were supposed to have THEIR kids not Mallie kids. That said, callie doesnt have to apologize for anything the woman dumped her at the airport. WHatever happend since then is between Callie and Mark. But if she is gonna be in Callies Life she has to accept that Callies life is not the one that she had when they were dating. This is y she should step back and let them go thru this thing alone and if she wants to come back after the kids is here then at least she had time to really consider what she wants


I liked it when Arizona explained to Callie, in NO uncertain terms, that she is not broken, she has her life, what she loves and wants, and a child is NOT what she wants at all. She then said that she thought Callie could fit into that, but perhaps not. then Callie got all mad at her (this happened before the crazy gunman episode). Arizona should have stuck to her guns. Raising a kid, a responsibity lasting 18 years, is NOT something anyone can be iffy or uncertain about - OR something that Arizona can possibly do "cuz she loves Callie" when she does NOT want babies. Arizona should move on - forget Callie. Compromises on what a person wants and does not want can easily turn love into pure hatred - and feel like a prison. Arizona should move on - forget Callie.


Ok I have given this some thought since there is no new episodes of GA. I only started really watching Greys since season 5 and for the record I love Calzona. They are just so damn cute. But I have been forced to admit(after watching some back episode of Mark and Callie on Youtube) that they are HOTT. I mean they have chemistry period. The problem is that Sara Ramirez has chemistry with Eric and the chick who plays Arizona. I mean Callie and Mark have a really rich history as friends and as lovers. Granted they always kept it sexual but its the attraction that hasnt burned out and I think that Arizona senses it with their relationship as friends which is why she don't like Mark. Its one think to know your gf has enjoyed sex with men in the past. Its another to know you gf has enjoyed sex with McSteamy and his huge repetition as a ladies man in the hospital. Heres what I believe. Callie is in love with Arizona. She wanted a family with Arizona. I believe that truy. Mark loves whoever he loves at the time. He may really love Lexie. But the thing is this. Sometimes I get the feeling that Mark and Callie could actually be in love with each other and just not realize it. I know that may sound like blasphemy but Im just saying. This has nothing to do with their love for others mind you. But with the baby coming and all. I mean, they love each other that is clear. Mark would do anything for his Torres and Im sure Callie would do the same. But I think SR has set it up this way by creating a bond of a child between these two. Who knows. But when Mark wanted to adopt his grandkid Callie jumped in a offered to be a co parent without a thought to Arizona. She did that for herself and Mark. what say you?

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