Latest Gossip Girl Promo & Clips: "The Kids Are Not All Right"

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Looks like Gossip Girl is returning with a bang this month.

We've already posted multiple promos and a photo gallery for "The Kids Are Not All Right," but now we'll do you one better. Here's the latest, longest CW teaser yet.

With some new clips from the much-anticipated January 24 episode (and perhaps beyond), this should give you an even greater sense of the scheming to come ...

As always, your comments and observations are welcomed below and in our Gossip Girl forum as we gear up for what should be an exciting resumption of Season Four.

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i want raina dead! asap!
i want chuck tortured then murdered. asap!!!!
i want BEN out of the picture ASAP! i want the writers REPLACED!!! i won't be watching GG anymore if this kind of disgusting shit continues.
looks like, I will also be reading recaps like the lot of you.


who hates chuck????i know i do! F*ck him!!! god i hate the writers right now!!! f*ck youuuu GG writers! when will the Prince be back?! i want to see him romance the living day lights out of Blair already!!!


what the f**k chuck!???
im SO tired of chuck getting into other girls' pants, when will he ever take a couple of days to think about what he had/lost/could have again with blair?
I HATE HIM!! and im really disappointed at how the writes have just completely negated what happened in episodes 7-9 of the series with him and blair. i know she told him he didn't have to wait but COME ON!!!


I too loved Blair grabbing Nate's ass! Their friendship is great although I don't mind a romantic twist sometimes either. While I am for Chuck and Blair in the end, I'm totally into the Dair storyline! They definitely need to bring these two together romantically for a while.
I have no idea what the scheme is for. I only watched it once, maybe that is why.


It was definitely Ben who grabbed Damien. He has the reason to get angry because it was Damien who sold the drugs to Juliet.
I don't think Jack Bass has anything to do with Damien in the first place.


I was suspecting that it was Jack who grabbed Damien ever since the first promo came out in December, but we would only know for sure when the scene airs, it could still be Ben. In either case it should be interesting to know the reason for that. I cannot agree per se with the idea that Blair's behaviour is better because she is not with Chuck, I mean it is better because she is alone but that is only truth because when she was with Chuck in season 3 she was functioning under the idea that she needed to be a certain type of girlfriend/future wife that needed to be supportive no matter what he did and even step aside if he needed to. He didn't asked her for this but he didn't stop it either and both things were part of their downfall. She is better because she is learning to be her own person without stepping aside for anybody and she simply couldn't make this growth and be with Chuck at the same time, she needed to do this alone because trying to do it next to him meant that she could be tempted to fall back into the old pattern that helped destroy them. Chuck is indeed sending mix signals of all sort this season but maybe there is a good chance that he finally learns several things from all of this. If he and Raina are double playing each other and then he develops some feelings for her and gets burned maybe he will learn not to use other people like that. If he felts threatened by Dan maybe he will learn to fight for Blair and start working on fixing the wrongs in their relationship. In any case, I support the eventul Chuck and Blair reunion in the future and I wrote my reason why in the Dair sneak peak story.


let me just say i personally LOVE the blair nate ass grab, and the smack down with dan. dare i say, i like blair sans chuck?


i think this looks awesome! new storylines, new drama, new hookups to get everyone into new schemes and backstabs and heartaches. This is gossip girl remember, i know everyone wants to see happily ever after cute lovey couples.. but do we remember season 3. its exciting to get to, but not to watch for the next 3 seasons. unless we want the series to end at season 4? but that would be lame


Dair is actully quite cute and hopefully Chuck will be super jealous and try to win her back!:) But now, i just don't understand him at all. When will he finally stop making such lousy decisions and start seeing a therapist??!!



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Life isn't a fairy tale, and happy endings are few and far between.

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Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?