Leighton Meester Depressed, Inspired By Country Strong

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Filming Country Strong had a profound effect on Leighton Meester.

The 24-year-old Gossip Girl star and singer was inspired to write her own songs after filming and found that her lyrics, more than anything else, were depressing.

"Because of this movie, I started doing that for myself and writing music that speaks to me, from my heart," Meester said, "and apparently, I'm really depressed."

Meester admits that the film opened up to a new genre, which she loves. "Country music, it's an entirely different world," Meester said. "I really grew to love it."

She does seem like a natural. Check out three Country Strong clips of Leighton we posted last month, and a brand new one of her signing "Words I Couldn't Say" here:

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Really lets me down though when singers I admire don't sing live :/ mimming such be banned if your a true artist!


Leight's graceful and perfect. Taylor Swift can't even dance --- And her tall ass def has no stage presence. #TeamLeight


Obsessed with her! I saw country strong last night... and we thought she was amazing in gossip girl? She definitely has a bright future ahead of her! She performed phenomenaly! Great acting, singing, just all the above. I cannot wait to see her blossom, because she deserves it! Everyone make your way to the cinemas! Because you don't want to miss leighton meester aside tim mcgraw and the others best work ever!!!




her voice is indeed better in these kind of songs than those poppy kinda tunes.. though i think her movement and presence on the stage is really.. awkward and not very popstar-like. not that that's bad or anything...


Leighton is just awesome. Great actress, great voice, great stage presence. Love her. She is the best.


Love her voice! beautiful song, i could listen to it all day. :)


i love her voice no matter was kind of music sings :)


love love love her version of this! she's much better at ballads than those awful dance tunes she was singing..!


great voice no stage prescense


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