NCIS Team to Revisit Past Cases, Demons

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Blasts from the past will be dredged up on the February 8 episode of NCIS.

The clip-heavy 14th episode of the season revolves around the stressed out agents being forced into therapy with a clinical psychologist to try to lessen their angst.

During their individual sessions, Gibbs and his subordinates back to some of their most emotionally taxing cases. Atop the list, obviously, will be Kate Todd's death.

Sasha A.

The demise of Sasha Alexander's character remains one of the show's most shocking story lines in seven-plus seasons. Heck, the re-run on USA is still shocking.

We don't THINK this is the same episode that features DiNozzo-centric flashbacks.

This one will feature old clips, including some of Kate, rather than new scenes set in the past, like we saw in last fall's terrific Vance-Eli David double episode.

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Jenny didn`t have anything to do with Kate`s death. and Ziva didn`t kill Kate her brother did. she told him info after Kate died and Jenny didn`t become the director until like a day later after Kate was killed. Ari killed no help from Jenny or Ziva. he fooled Fornell and run off to kill Gibbs Fornell found out and told them Ari set up Fornell Gibbs to kill Kate not Gibbs. Ari shot in Abby`s lab when Tony was with her. Jenny or Ziva had nothing to do with tat either. Ziva just gave Ari info about Gibbs case she later foundout he killed Kate and shot him. and even know later we found out she was sent kill Ari not Kate.


Well let look at the fact she help Ziva help Ari Kill Kate by giving Ari the team files and she was most likely married to Ari that why she would not let gibbs kill him


Why would Jenny have helped get killed Kate. Jenny didn`t have anything to want Kate dead. only one Jenny wanted dead was La Grenoulle (Jeanne fater) and thats becuse he may have killed her father. Yeah Ziva told Ari stuff but I don`t think she wanted Kate dead and I know she was a killer before seh came to NCIS fulltime. I take u hate Ziva.. lets agree to disagree


Yes she did she got informations for Ari and then she and Jenny help him kill Kate


Ziva didn`t help kill Kate she didn`t think Ari was the one who killed Kate. and she was sent to kill Ari


So I wonder if Ziva will finally admit that she help KILL kate


if it was not for kate we would not have super Ziva who can never be wrong and is always right


I didn't find the episode with kate's death funny, but I was sure glad to see her go. I didn't like her. I hope Gibbs finally deals with Shannon and Kelly's death.


I also think Ziva nees a therapeist


Well Tony has lost alot of ppl on the Kate`s shockin death who was killed in front of him and Gibbs. Cassidy`s death who was killed in front of him and Gibbs. Jenny who was killed and he felt like it was his fault for not protect her like Ziva wanted too. and then there shoting Michael we still don`t know how he felt about that. and we dont know about how he lost his mom when he was 8.

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
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McGee: Yeah.
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Bishop: Does she know you have these?
McGee: Yeah she wasn't happy when she found out.
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McGee: Yeah.
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