Off the Map Premiere: Will You Watch?

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Set in a remote village in South America, Off the Map chronicles the lives of six doctors who search for reasons that brought each of them to medicine in the first place.

The new series, from executive producers Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers and Jenna Bans, all writers with ties to Grey's Anatomy, premieres Wednesday night at 10 p.m.

Shonda may downplay the connection with Grey's and Private Practice, but certain thematic parallels are sure to be present. That said, will you give this show a shot?

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Way, Way Off the Map

Will you watch Off the Map?

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Seriously people, if you are so set on putting down shonda because of what's happening on GA, why don't you stop watching! I love GA and I will continue to watch it tll my last breath, no matter what happens, and I'm sure so will many of you, so stop putting shonda down, if she was so horrible how would PP, AND GA still be very very popular!'


Sad not to have a new ep of Private Practice for another 2 weeks. But to give this new show a fighting chance in the ratings seems ok. I watched it and yes it feels like ER in the jungle, I am actually looking forward to another episode next week, time will tell if it's going to be successful or not, you need more of the series to go on and the guest stars to come omg!! looking forward to seeing these actors in the jungle.


I'll watch only if you leave PP alone stop preempting and more promos for PP


No i tried watching about 30 min or so... I fell asleep. If ABC would make something original I would watch it. Seriously another young adult med student sex relationship com-drama...with the " Lost " set in the background. Come on!!!!!!!!
I'm a med student and sorry to all you fans, we DON'T ACT LIKE THAT. That's my opinion , so agree or disagree.


I'll give it a shot but I saw Zach Gilford in an interview on Chelsea Lately last night and I really don't like him. Jason George also annoys me and the female leads I know nothing at all about. So if the first episode amazes me, then I'll stick with it for awhile but I doubt it will.


I think this is going to be good


I will definitely watch and support Shonda! She hasn't let me down yet, and as a fan, I want to support her. Plus I love Jason George, and medical dramas, and this looks like Lost meets Grey's lol looks pretty good, I'll watch tonight and see. I'm not worried about anything taking time away from Grey's or PP, because regardless they are picked up for another season and i haven't been let down yet...(aside for a lil it during season 4)....should be interesting to see what this show is like


NO!!! LAME!! Shonda really needs to focus more on GA and PP. GA needs some REAL fixing up! Who agrees??


It'll be intersting to see if this new SR project gets the kind of fan base GA has. Then it'll be a hit


I don't think it'll be that great, but you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice got my attention. I think Off the Map deserves one too. I mean, Rookie Blue wasn't that bad. What's the worst you can expect?

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