Private Practice Promo: You Suck at Relationships!

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Is Addison really that bad at relationships? Don't answer that, Derek.

Private Practice continues what has been, in our opinion, its best season to date with an all-new episode next week (click here for our Private Practice review from last night).

Now that she saved Susan, will her mother's wedding inspire Addison to take the next step with Sam ... or will Dr. Rodriguez and his flirtatious intentions pose a big obstacle?

You tell us. For now, here's your first look at "Heaven Can Wait" ...

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Except for Sheldon, Sam and Amelia ALL of the characters on PP have cheated!
Addison is one of them. Why does that make her a worse person than all of the others? She's not goint to cheat on Sam with Dr. Rodriguez. They wouldn't promote like that if she did. The 'surprise' is going to be that she doesn't do it...


Oh come on Addison, you make it so hard to root for sometimes....Try and stay faithful to AT LEAST one person you love! AAAH


January 8th, 2011 6:12 PM
Pfft. Come on people. The whole Dr R thing is completely overrated and, frankly, extraneous, if you ask me.
Hahaha! I agree! Addison , don't!!!
(I love AddiSam)


I am not much an Addisam shipper or any of her previous relationships(McDreamy & McSteamy included). But I realy love her chemistry with Dr R. I hope he is the final man for her. He should unattached, uncomplicated, and only meant for Addie. She deserves her own man. But their story should be simmering, building up slowly, no sex until much later. No cheating Sam though. The story could turn perhaps when Sam & Naomi reverts. Dr R should definitely be a regular - he's hot and provides a big spark to a show that's fast becoming boring. Go AddiRod.


Pfft. Come on people. The whole Dr R thing is completely overrated and, frankly, extraneous, if you ask me. Honestly, Shonda, come up with a better idea than a "potential Addisam obstacle". It's getting old.


I hope Addison and Sam break up and Addi goes ahead with sleeping with Dr. Caliente. After all, he's gorgeous and there's some major chemistry there... Not that Sam (aka Taye Diggs) isn't one of God's greatest gifts to women, but I personally always preferred his chemistry with Naomi. I wish Rhimes and co. would pursue that angle instead. Nae is right to confront Addison - and if anyone can say it it's her - Addison crossed a line when she got involved with her best friend's ex and the father of her child. The least she can do is hear Naomi out when she's approached with the truth.


Go Naomi... If Addison Cheats She Sucks!!. I Love AddiSam & Sam doest deserve that. He is awesome with addison. ugh!


Addison needs to remain faithful to Sam. She is in love with him. enough with cheating and Addison. just NO to Cheating


i agree with both of you!!!!i mean its good that shonda is open about gay relationships and she has shown us many good storylines but this whole bizzy/susan thing is just pushing it!common already!


I love Addie and everything but damn, you go Naomi. It's true that Addie sucks at relationships and if she wants to get married to Sam already I wouldn't like it at all. They've only really been together this season and they're built up during season 3 doesn't really count for much in the marriage department. I don't really care much for the Bizzy/Susan wedding and if Sam/Addie get hitched this season I won't care much for it either. The only wedding I really want to see is Cooper and Charlotte's. They're the only couple that's been together since season one so you know how strong of a backbone they have. I have a feeling their wedding might come towards the end when they're already in a good place but if they put anything less than a perfect wedding for them, I'm gonna get pissed off. They deserve the perfect wedding.

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