Private Practice Spoilers: A Baby For Sam & Addison?

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Will Sam and Addison have a baby on Private Practice?

The couple just got together and decided to make a go of it romantically, but speculation has already grown about them starting a family soon. Addy really wants a baby, as she's noted numerous times in recent months, but does that mean it's in the cards?

Maybe ... but not in the immediate future.

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“I love AddiSam fans to death,” Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy and Off the Map executive producer Shonda Rhimes stressed, “but there is no baby [for them] this year.”

Simply (and rather logically) said, this pairing is far too new to go there.

“Addison and Sam have just started dating, so I think it would be tremendously strange to throw them right into having a baby,” Rhimes said. “They just got together!”

The good news for fans of the couple is that Addison will be facing a very difficult time come February, and Sam will be there for her, as much as she'll allow him to be.

What do you think? Would you like to see these two as parents, or just come into their own as a couple for awhile? Do you not even enjoy Saddison period? Discuss!

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sam and addison should be together, they are the perfect couple and viewers love them together. Make a new and exciting storyline for them out of the clear view. Make it be like their never gona be together then bam"


I am a true fan of PP since Season 1. Love the Addison/Sam relationship. It is hot, sexy and they make a great couple! Addison is gorgeous and Sam is so hot! I don't like the fact that Addison will hook up with yet another guy. Come on Shonda, it makes it look like she is 'cheap'. We all know that she is way too classy for anything less! Let the relationship mature for a bit and then Sam pops the question, they marry and go on to have beautiful babies. Shonda, make it happen already! AddiSam Rocks! About Jake, he is cool and handsome, but does he really want sloppy seconds, thirds??? There would be two of Addison's exes to deal with on the show. This would make bad TV.


i think addison and sam should have a baby. becuz addison look like she want a baby but i luv kate wlash


Hmmmmm definitely an interesting situation! In a perfect world, i'm sure they would make a great baby together...unfortunately since love requires someone to be happy even if you cannot compromise or find completely happiness with the one you love; I believe Addison will leave Sam.


Please I beg you let Addison and sam remain a couple forever they look so great together.


I totally agree with Katie or Katy and Paddison, I'm hating Shonda, what is the matter with you Shonda? First you undo the hot Addison/Sloane pair in GA, then matched Addison with Pete that I loved it and now that stupid Pete/Violet thing I didnt by it! Now that even more stupid Sam/Addy romance (is like the gross couple Izzy/George, I never liked it), they dont have chemistry together! He has to come back w/Nahomi! Why is that Shonda continues to make Addison a wonderful and lasting romance with a nice and hot man who really want to start a family with her? I'm not interested in continuing watching that idiotic parade of married or irresponsible men passing by her side.


I want an AddiSam they make the perfect couple.




I want an Addi-Rod baby. They look gorgeous together and he's free. Addi-Rod is the perfect beautiful couple to sell PP to another level. Plus there is so much room to explore new stories particularly the possible Rodriguez dynasty in South America; maybe they have crazy family members that can pair up with the current single doctors in PP, like Amy, Naomi & Sam :) Yes, come on AddiRod and AddiRodBaby.


When are you going to put THE GATES back on ????? I love that show & I think it would be great to get one of those TWILIGHT characters to make a guest appearance & maybe that would suck that whole croud in. This is an awseome show!!!

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