Rachael Taylor Previews Grey's Anatomy Role

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Rachael Taylor will appear on Grey's Anatomy's next new episode in the intriguing role of Dr. Lucy Fields, a major character's obstetrician, according to TV Guide.

You can see her in action in this photo gallery from February 3's "Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)." But there's more to her role than just treating Calliope.

"I'm working with Justin Chambers a lot," says Taylor of the actor who portrays Dr. Alex Karev. "Justin's hilarious. He has a wicked sense of humor."

R. Taylor

As far as a romantic connection with Alex goes, Taylor says she has no idea ... mostly: "I don't know. There's no steam yet, I don't think. Depends what you call steam."

Regardless, it's been a great experience so far.

"I wasn't sure what to expect from the cast, but they couldn't be more gracious or welcoming," she reports. "Ellen Pompeo is like the sweetest woman in the world."

"She's so delightful. Patrick is a gentleman. They've all been wonderful."

"It's really impressive as well that seven years on they show up, know their lines, put in great performances and also have the energy to welcome a newbie. I didn't expect it."

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Even though I am a huge Alex/Izzie fan and I think no one can replace Izzie but still i like this new hottie on the show and I am glad for Alex


@Vanessa How do you know the character is 26? If anything, she's at minimum 29-30; OBGYN residency is only 4 years: so if she graduated Harvard Med at 25, she would've finished her residency at Duke by 29, and assuming she's a first year MFM-fellow at SGMW. And when it comes to stretching reality with medical education, Addison was the best example of reality-manipulation: a neonatal surgeon AND a OBGYN/perinatologist WITH a medical genetics fellowship? That's 5 years of GS-residency, 2 years of peds surgery fellowship, 4 years of OBGYN-residency, 3 years of MFM fellowship and 2 years as a medical genetics fellow: that's 16 years post-med school. Even if she graduated Columbia at 25, that would mean she would've been at least 41, and she started on the show at age 39. But back to Lucy, being a 30-year-old attending is not uncommon for OBGYN. But, you are right if she is 26, that's too young to be a OBGYN-attending; that would mean she graduated Havard Med at 22.


@Vanessa. Exactly I actually missed that point all together, lmao! Well, maybe she's some kind of a special girl, who's finished her school in 5 years & her medical college in 2 or something, lol. It's getting really crowded on GA, we need another episode with a shooter or some bomb or whatever to get rid of some not very much needed characters please. Don't mean to sound morbid but I'm getting fed up with those secondary characters taking all this air time from the show.


I can accpet Rachael Taylor to play Alex's new lover, but 26 years old is really too young to be Attending???


I tend to agree with you SOSO.
The only thing is Izzie was way hotter.


This actress seems to be so phsyically like KH. A deliberate choice in casting a doppleganger for Izzie? Alex isn't over Izzie so here's a subsitute?


Hmmmm, I don't like her somehow.Az was kept in the show 'coz she's very special, I mean Jcap is very special. However, I'd like to see, maybe I'll like her later on.I don't know who she is, I've never seen her before anywhere so it's too early to have an opinion, so far I'm not liking her.


I'm so happy for this preview, Alex deserves a new love and she is beautiful, stop think Izzie now ,she made her way.


I'm glad that they are getting an obgyn dr cuz i've always been saying they needed one to replace addie. I'm glad that alex is being partnered with her. Thats where his speciality lies in paeds and ob. But they haven't done anything romantic with them yet have they? Its all been platonic as she has said. I hope keep her on like they did with arizona.


Hell to the freakin' yeah! Alex gets some good lovin'! That's a great spoiler. Love what she had to say about EP/PD. They are awesome!

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