Sheila Kelley Takes Over Role on Gossip Girl

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Illeana Douglas is out. Sheila Kelley is in.

A few days after Gossip Girl announced that Douglas was unavailable to play the role of Lily's sister this spring, The CW has tracked down her replacement.

Kelley will take on the character - portrayed by Krysten Ritter on Season 2's flashback episode - later in the season. The actress is best known for recurring on Lost as Zoe.

Sheila Kelley Pic

Do you see a resemblance to Lily? What do you think of this casting move?

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Zooey Deschanel, really? Carol is supposed to be Lily's OLDER sister.


Krysten Ritter? Is she related to The All-American Rejects' lead singer Tyson Ritter?? Hmm... I wonder. I also wanted Zooey Deschanel. FML.


great choice. she looks like young caroll!


They still shouldve gotten kelly rowan.


I agree that Douglas lady was the best fit, this woman can play Nate's aunt lol she should come over and tell him to stop humping everybody.


I wanted Zooey Deschanel... : (


I agree about Sheila Kelley looking more like Francie Swift (Anne Archibald) than Kelly Rutherford (Lily). (Good catch, Trixee!) Really can't imagine her playing Lily's sister, but no way could I have seen Illeana Douglas in that part either. It will be interesting to see how she is physically styled to play that role.


It's such a shame Illeana Douglas couldn't do it - I find Sheila looks more like she should be Anne Archiblad's sister


that's one ugly picture

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