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It's a bird. It's a plane. It's the return of someone very close to Superman!

A Smallville insider has confirmed to Michael Ausiello that Laura Vandervoort will take another break from her role on V and appear on one of the CW's show's final five episodes.

It will mark her second Smallville stint of the season.

Return of Supergirl

Supergirl isn't the only character plotting a comeback. Late last week, it was also revealed that Zod will return around the same time as this beautiful character.


Easy see there these things call episode where they show them appearing


I won't say Michael is a loser but I agree I would have been great to see him. But maybe...I mean, there actually is a Lex Luthor (clone) out there. But with the few episode it remains, I don't know how they could handle everything: Kara, Zod, Lionel, Lex...+ the main storyline...OH! Yes! I know how: Another season !!! xD


She at least she respect the people who made her popular unlike Michael who is a loser


And I can't believe it's almost the end...I don't want to think about it...Snnnifff! Smallville is awesome and I can't think about when the serie will be over! There so much they could do...
I wish to see CK back very soon, in any format!


Yeah! Sad it is only for one episode though. I love Kara!


Yes! A regular cast member getting back in! Not an original though. D:
After season 6 though, all they did was add in a useless character one season after the next. E.g. Kara, Davis, Zod.
But I like Kara and Zod. So I look forward to them returning. Hopefully an epic battle! :D


I hope LV gets some acting lessons before she inflict the Smallville audience with Supergirl again. A tree stump emotes better than she does.

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