Stephen Moyer Teases "Darkness" Ahead on True Blood

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With months to go until True Blood returns to HBO, more and more tidbits are spilling out about season four.

We already know that YouTube videos will actually be featured prominently on the series going forward, while Stephen Moyer has now teased a new presence in Bon Temps. He tells E! News:

"We've got a new presence. There will be a new kind of specter that represents darkness. We had the wonderful Denis O'Hare as the king of Mississippi last year and he's [gone] at the end of season three, so we've got something else coming in to replace that darkness, which is going to be really interesting, I think, this whole new sort of topic that we haven't covered."

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What might this presence be? Submit your guesses in our True Blood forum!

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I hope it's something darker than witches this show is great


Season 3 will be out around the time it is normally released in your region. If you get True Blood in May, like I got season's 1 and 2, you'll get season 3 in May. They're all released around the same time.


when will season 3 be out on dvd?


witches. Eric loses his memory.


Definitely Witches


Definitely Witches!


In book 4 Eric's memory is taken by a bad witch so it's gotta be the witches cause we all KNOW they have to have Sookie and Eric hook up this season- otherwise there would be a riot!


Well if they're going on the Eric losing his mind story then that "darkness" would be the witches, right?


if you read any of the books, you would know what the new dark force is, I am looking forward to see how it will play out.


When will Season 3 be on DVD?

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