Sue Sylvester Hates Diane Sawyer

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There's one person not included in the recently-released photos from Glee's upcoming Super Bowl episode: Katie Couric.

The CBS news anchor will make a cameo on the February 6 installment, interviewing Sue Sylvester following a series of unfortunate events for that cheerleading coach.

It's just one brief scene in the video below, which features a number of clips from "Thriller." Near the end of the promo, Sylvester makes her feelings on the journalist known: she hates her, and also isn't really sure who she is...

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Maybe in Australia you have channels where she hosts (my sister lives in Sydney and she tells me there are a lot of American shows aired there). I know her name but we have absolutely no shows with her on here (though we have loads of American shows), I don't know what she hosts/stars in, doesn't make us naive just means she does nothing on or for UK tv, and I'm sure she doesn't do a lot of other international shows either.
I've been to plenty of other countries and not seen her on tv there either. I've only seen her do maybe one or two cameos on sitcoms (though the only one I can recall is 'Will & Grace' and the only reason that stood out was they kept shrieking her name) before but not knowing who she was and only hearing the stars of the show did not make her suddenly a household name.
Doesn't make anyone naive who hasn't heard of her, or maybe has but has no reason to class her as a celeb as they've never seen anything she does.
Fact is she's not an internationally known celeb or at least as internationally famous, she's a big US star. We have lots of big name stars (as I'm sure you do in Australia too) in the UK, but many mean nothing to an international audience.
I can tell you now, and it won't be just me, but the vast majority of the UK audience will not know who she is and the cameo will mean nothing to them, if they even notice it at all.


Actually I'm from Australia and I know who Katie Couric is. Either we're more informed over here or you're naive. Take your pick :)


Blaine looks intimidated after seeing the Thriller/Heads Will Roll mash-up. Can't wait :D


Hahahahahha GiO. It's true. She's too good for me! XD


Sue's not the only one, those outside the US don't have a clue who she is either.


she'll make the show.


Aries93, the question is: would Sue Sylvester marry YOU? =D


I actually love Sue Sylvester to the extent that I would marry her.

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