Thatcher Returns to Grey's Anatomy: First Look

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You can always expect major drama when Meredith and Lexie's father, Thatcher, drops in on Grey's Anatomy. TV Guide has the latest on his upcoming visit today.

On the February 10 episode, Jeff Perry's character returns with stomach pains. "They suspect he's rejecting the [partial] liver Meredith gave him," Perry reveals.

What causes Lexie the most heartache is seeing her father with his new girlfriend Danielle, a heavily tattooed girl her same age, played by Alexa Havins ...

So Many Greys

AWKWARD FAMILY REUNION: Poor Lexie ... for several reasons.

"He met her in AA," explains Jeff, who says he does not know Thatcher's ultimate fate. "They were taken with each other and fell in love, which horrifies Lexie."

Meredith, meanwhile, shrugs off her father's dating escapades.

"She's more bemused," says Jeff. "But keeps a safe distance."

Will Lexie come around on her dad's new girlfriend? Will he live long enough to give her the chance? How do you expect Thatcher's return to play out? Discuss.

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meredith has only 2 kidneys and one kidney had been given to his father already, so, it s medically impossible for her to do so, rejection or no rejection.


Did anyone remember that said "suspect" it's the partial transplant he gor from Mer. Don't jump to any conclusions (even though I know I even want to)! It could be a number of things!


Thatcher shouldn't die until Meredith cares about him. Right now, his death would be meaningless unless it's used to develop Lexie somehow. It would be nice, though, to see Meredith and Thatcher try to bond -- you know, the whole "the door is opened" speech is going to waste. Just another example of a storyline the writers haven't explored. I know I've been b*tchy about the show lately. I love it, really I do, I'm just sad to see great stories fall by the wayside. I miss the episodes when we cared for everyone involved as opposed to a select few.


@merderforever I highly doubt that mer would be a donor again, I dont think that if Thatcher rejects her liver the first time they would use it again...who knows, maybe he in the hospital for a different problem entirely...


Mer better not be a donor again coz if she is it wld mean she wld be out of action again I dont think that wld happen though coz last time this story line was specially created to account for Ellen's pregnancy I want loads and loads of Mer and Der and MerDer for the remaining half of the season man i need them to keep going And as for lex i think she wld be uncomfy coz it wld hurt her to see her dad loving anyone but her mom lets accept that lex has seen susan and tach's love and she has lived in their protective shadow all her life so yeah it wld be emotionally distressing for her to accept this at first Mer obviously wldnt care much and abt mark and lexie well age diff no age diff who cares? the point is they rock together they r adorable my fvt after MerDer so yeah who is beyond the boundaries of age and blah and if its really love for thacher i guess eventually lexie wld accept it


@ Rae completely and 100% agree with you! THANK YOU!


It is NOT a double-standard for Lexie to be upset about the age difference between Thatcher and his girlfriend. Thatcher is obviously old enough to be his girlfriends father. Mark is not old enough to be Lexie's father. Thatcher is a unhealthy old man. Mark is healthy. Thatcher LOOKS old and unhealthy. Mark is HOT.Thatcher and his girlfriend have alcohalism in common. Lexie and Mark have their educations, jobs, and frinds in common. Did I mention Thatcher is old enough to be his girlfriends father? The age difference is over 30 years! Age is just number, but quite honestly I believe that an age difference greater then 15 years says something about the people involved.


Mer wouldnt be able to donate more of her liver if his body is already rejecting what he had......I was thinking the same thing though...anyone think that maybe Thatch is falling off the wagon so to speak?


I hope Mer isn't gonna be a donar again. IF the previous transplant didn't take from a family member I can't see Thatch making a full recovery. Has he been sneaking a few drinks? But a woman the same age as his daughter being his love interest, wow.


Mark stated that he and Derek went to med school together in 7.08. They met Addison there too, so they are all around the same age, in their early 40's. Plus when Alex was shot, 6.24 , Mark talked about it being 17 years since he had done the kind of procedure Alex needed doing. He was refering to doing procedures he did during his residency. Lexie is now 26, so I think there's about a 12 year gap between Mark and Lexie.

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