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It made very little sense for The CW to remake Beverly Hills, 90210.

When the original series premiered in 1990, the concept of a primetime soap opera based around rich teenagers was novel. By the time 90210 aired, however?

Bravo was focusing an entire franchise around wealthy families and the genre was so played out that another CW series (Gossip Girl) essentially served as a parody of it.

This is Rich

At first, 90210 clearly didn't know what to do with itself. It tried catering to fans of the original by bringing back Jennie Garth (as a guidance counselor, logical enough), Shannen Doherty (for no valid reason) and Tori Spelling (truly, for no valid reason).

After a season, it ditched any connection to the original series and tried focusing on its new, core characters. There was just one problem: none were particularly interesting, and all were just horribly-acted.

On season three, the show has attempted to depict more current, buzz-worth storylines (one character is coming to grips with his sexuality, another is a burgeoning celebrity who often makes references to the paparazzi), but it's also taken a page from the Fox version.

A handful of pages, actually.

Any fan of Steve Sanders and company must have noticed that 90210 is simply stealing material from its predecessor at this point. I'm fine with that. It's what the show should have been doing all along: airing essentially the same storylines for a new generation, tweaked a bit based on changes to society, technology, etc.

Consider these examples:

  1. Annie and Dixon's cousin, Emily, arrived in town this week. She'll soon grow obsessed with Annie and try to steal her identity (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season six, Tara/Kelly.)
  2. Liam injured himself in a fight a few episodes ago, leading to him crashing in Dixon's room and hooking up with Annie. (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season two, Dylan/Brenda.)
  3. Navid is cheating on his girlfriend with one of her best friends. (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season three, Dylan/Brenda/Kelly.)
  4. The show just got rid off all its adults. (See Beverly Hills, 90210, season five, Jim and Cindy move to Hong Kong.)

Over the last few weeks, it's been fun to watch former storylines come back to life. I'm looking forward to the episode in which all of West Beverly chants: "Erin Silver graduates! Erin Silver graduates!"

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This is a pointless article, your essentially saying every teen drama is copying story lines from Beverly Hills 90210 when in fact there's only so many story lines a teen drama can do, and sadly their all the same. TV Fanatic, get rid of pointless writers like this please.


for most fans i really don't think the plots of the original even resonate


Yes, you are essentially correct.
But honestly, the target audience for this show that it is focusing on, are the teenagers of my generation.
The original show you're talking about and referring to, was merely based on people 10-15 years older than me.
Kids today like watching dramas to forgot about their own problems. True fact. So, you cannot really expect much.
The original show went for 10 seasons - 296 episodes. How can this show actually use anything if the original already used it all?


i enjoy both 90210s. i prefer the old one, but what can you do. I don't like Life Unexpected and Hellcats. i personally find them boring. GG and Nikita are very good.
I personally think the CW needs ideas that dont come from books or old TV shows. Hellcats is a book. so is TVD and GG.


PeterW your not alone I just love 90210 life unexpected was a horrible show to me and hellcats I haven't given that the time of day gossip girl is amazing also I hate when people criticize shows for being to fake or made up if I wanted real life I would walk around with a video camera but Yea we all have our opinions


The new 90210 is dreadful. This comes from someone who watched it for two seasons and finally gave up. This isn't even because of the cast. I don't like the story lines at all. This is nothing like the old 90210 and I wish they never took the name of it. It wouldn't be so painful if it was another show but using the name of the iconic series.


This show is dreadful. I check in every now and then to remind myself how cringe worthy every storyline is and how painful it is to watch Annalynne Mcord "act". The wrting is all over the place. And continuity? I don't think anyone on the writing staff has heard of it. It's sad to me becuase there are so many other great shows that get cancelled and this garbage is still being made.

Aint born typical

I was a big fan of the original BH 90210 series. I usually don't watch the new one (it's just not the same), but when I caught part of last Monday's episode, when Naomi was first tied to a chair and then hit that guy who tied her up, I immediately thought "this is such a Kelly storyline". You are right, the new show seems to "borrow" from the old and I might just start watching it...


ok fair enough i got a little to over the top about the hole thing but it just seams that you don't really give this show a chance last weeks episode was brill and Annalynne and Jessica s were amazing in it sorry but i think its better the over the top gossip girl or boring life unexpected or bad acted hellcats thats all i meant sorry again for going over the top :) i do love this site


Sorry about the spelling mistakes, I was in my blackberry and do not check calligraphy. I hope and is well understood.
and yea it was you´re you @peterW

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.