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Greetings, TV Fanatics.

My name is Matt Richenthal and many of you might think I'm an idiot know me from my reviews of such shows as Modern Family, House and The Vampire Diaries. This is my first official column and I figured I'd start off the feature with a basic introduction.

This is Rich

I'm six feet tall, I'm a huge New York Yankees fan, I'm recently married and I believe...

... Grey's Anatomy was ruined forever when Izzie had sex with a ghost. Sorry, no amount of impressively-acted PTSD scenes from Sandra Oh will change my mind.

... a show with nothing but Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor sitting around the dinner table would be better than 97% of what's on network television.

... the final two seasons of Heroes will haunt me forever.

... The Shield is the best show of all-time.

... Gwyneth Paltrow should guest star on every episode of Glee.

... Mad Men is often boring. Yes, I said it.

... the scene on Seinfeld when Kramer gets fired from the job he doesn't actually have might be the funniest 30 seconds in TV history.

... although any half-minute from the episode of The Office where Michael Scott burns his foot on a George Foreman grill might rival it.

... I have to re-watch season two of Sons of Anarchy and season three of Breaking Bad one of these weeks. Both are fantastic.

... I might finally be getting over the death of Scott Scanlon.

... The Good Wife is underselling itself with its choice of adjectives.

... Terriers was given a fair shot by FX. But that doesn't mean I have to be happy it's out of my life.

... Damon Salvatore makes it really tough on the rest of us males.

Trust me, I have many other opinions. You'll be hearing plenty of them in this space and across the site in general. I always welcome feedback at and/or in the Comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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Well thats too bad

... I might finally be getting over the death of Scott Scanlon. lmfao *dies forever*
you and david silver both.


I know this is two weeks after your post, but I just finished The Shield, and I honestly did not think that it would be as good as it was. It was truly an amazing show, and in my opinion the best of all time. It was the best series finale that I have ever seen, even when I knew some of the major points of the episode before I watched. That just means that the show still takes you on a journey even when you know what the end is like, and shows like that do not come around often.


It's interesting to me how people always debate over what the "best show ever" is when nothing could be more subjective. What makes the best show depends on the individual, their background, their beliefs, their experiences, their expectations. Certainly most people can agree what shows are quality vs subpar, but "the best?" My favorite show of all time is Alias. For me, it is the best show because of how it appealed to me personally and what how I felt every time I watch it. I know few people would agree with me, but that's ok. As I said before "Best" is subjective. I never saw The Wire or The Shield. Neither looked that appealing to me in terms of subject matter. I'm one who prefers escapist television to gritty realism, and for the most part I abhor cop shows. That doesn't mean I want every show to be completely ridiculous and without a hint of believability or character development. I have recently become a The Good Wife convert (thanks Carissa P.), am only just now watching Battlestar Galactica (so late the party's already over) and I also think Gwyneth is the best thing that ever happened to the insipid Glee. My favorite comedies are Community and Parks and Recreation, I think Fringe is the smartest show on TV right now, and also think Mad Men is sinfully boring - oh and Covert Affairs is my summer guilty pleasure and I don't care who knows it.


Matt - Agreed on watching the Taylor's do nothing would be better than most of TV right now. Im glad to hear someone say it - Mad Men is boring. I would put The Wire up there in my top 4, but my number one will always belong to My So Called Life. Best Ever. Period. PS. Scott Scanlon episode was on SoapNet this week.


'Damon Salvatore makes it really tough on the rest of us males' So true indeed, but he didn't make it easier for women as well. Because where can you find a good Damon Salvatore these days! I watch Scrubs (not the last season) and Veronica Mars over and over again, just loved those shows.


Friday Night Light is on of the most brilliant television show ever. Love it.


The Shield is without a doubt the best show of all time. And every time I remember that Terriers has been cancelled, I cry.



Matt richenthal

@Bee: I did not see Black Swan, so it's hard to comment in full. But I believe that movie is clearly billed as being... unusual, right?
My problem with the Denny/ghost issue in Grey's is that Shonda absolutely hyped that show as being all about real life and real problems. She talked non-stop about the "real" characters and their "real" problems. Then, she goes ahead and - clearly out of ideas and desperate for headlines - somehow conjures up an utterly ridiculous concept of resurrecting the character of Denny. Shonda, of course, then gave annoying interviews in which she acted like this was the most profound idea in the world. It was just all about love and letting go and all the nonsense she loves to spew to make herself and her show sound so darn important.


this isn't a criticism or comment on anyone or anything, but i'm kind of curious. grey's anatomy had ghost sex and was attacked for it. but didn't the new extremely acclaimed and big oscar-buzzed movie black swan have a scene like that too? i won't spoil it but if you've seen the movie, then you know what i'm talking about. it also had what was essentially a ghost sex scene. i know it's just one scene, but i found that interesting that grey's was criticized for this.

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