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Greetings, TV Fanatics.

My name is Matt Richenthal and many of you might think I'm an idiot know me from my reviews of such shows as Modern Family, House and The Vampire Diaries. This is my first official column and I figured I'd start off the feature with a basic introduction.

This is Rich

I'm six feet tall, I'm a huge New York Yankees fan, I'm recently married and I believe...

... Grey's Anatomy was ruined forever when Izzie had sex with a ghost. Sorry, no amount of impressively-acted PTSD scenes from Sandra Oh will change my mind.

... a show with nothing but Coach Eric Taylor and Tami Taylor sitting around the dinner table would be better than 97% of what's on network television.

... the final two seasons of Heroes will haunt me forever.

... The Shield is the best show of all-time.

... Gwyneth Paltrow should guest star on every episode of Glee.

... Mad Men is often boring. Yes, I said it.

... the scene on Seinfeld when Kramer gets fired from the job he doesn't actually have might be the funniest 30 seconds in TV history.

... although any half-minute from the episode of The Office where Michael Scott burns his foot on a George Foreman grill might rival it.

... I have to re-watch season two of Sons of Anarchy and season three of Breaking Bad one of these weeks. Both are fantastic.

... I might finally be getting over the death of Scott Scanlon.

... The Good Wife is underselling itself with its choice of adjectives.

... Terriers was given a fair shot by FX. But that doesn't mean I have to be happy it's out of my life.

... Damon Salvatore makes it really tough on the rest of us males.

Trust me, I have many other opinions. You'll be hearing plenty of them in this space and across the site in general. I always welcome feedback at and/or in the Comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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Hey Chief, although I agree with most of your first "That's Rich" column, I could not disagree more with your feelings towards Scott Scanlon. That kid was the worst. P.S. One of these days I will get to The Shield.


lmao Scott Scanlon. I don't think I was born when he died, but I always catch reruns of that episode on Soapnet. The only good part out of his death was that David finally grew some balls and stood up to everyone over intercom lol. I can't believe you didn't even mention one of the greatest sitcoms ever FRIENDS. I find myself laughing every time Chandler or Phoebe open their mouthes.


-I completely agree about The Shield. It also had one of the best series finales I've ever seen.
-I'd love to rewatch season two of Sons of Anarchy. That season is what hooked me. Katey Sagal was amazing.
-I'm not a big fan of lawyer/legal shows but I can't stop watching The Good Wife. It just gets better every week.
-TV is a numbers game and Terriers just didn't get the ratings. That said, I miss it terribly. It had such heart.
-Scott Scanlon? You mean like original 90210 Scott Scanlon? Never actually watched that episode but I've heard about it. My condolences. I'd like to say the new series might ease the pain, but I don't see that happening.

Steve marsi

I can tell you for a fact that our fearless leader has seen The Wire and still stands by his Shield comment. He has not, however, experienced How I Met Your Mother, rendering his observations somewhat useless.


wait, you think mad men is boring??!?!!!?!?!??!??!


I wish there were more teen shows like Beverly Hills, 90210:(


If you say that the Shield is the best show ever, it only means that you haven't seen the Wire yet.


you bring up very good points. I was definitely crying when Scott Scanlon died on 90210.


LOL to the damon salvatore comment - yeah i can imagine he does hes fantastic. But dont most guys on television make it difficult for men in real lie examples would be derek form grey's nathan from oth and chuck from both chuck and gg Im sorry men from the real world but you have seriouslt tough competition from you not so real tv conterparts :)

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