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Charlie Sheen is either the world's most dedicated method actor, or a severely troubled individual.

As Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men, Sheen is a womanizing booze hound. It's a role the actor has trained for years to play, as he's been mixed up in multiple sex and alcohol scandals for over a decade.

With his personal life growing more sordid - Sheen was arrested in December 2009 for allegedly assaulting his then-wife; hospitalized in November following a drug-fueled, violent night; and spent this week partying with porn stars in Las Vegas, causing his reps to blame his late set arrival on an "ear infection" - many TV viewers have called on CBS to take action against the star.

This is Rich

That's clearly ridiculous, however.

Is Sheen's behavior embarrassing for the network? Only if that term is being used to qualify the riches he brings in.

Two and a Half Men is the highest-rated comedy on TV. By all accounts, Sheen never causes a problem on set. If it's possible to be a professional trainwreck, you're looking at someone who has pulled it off.

A majority of fans clearly don't care what Sheen does away from the set, probably because those actions aren't very different from what they'd imagine Charlie Harper's life to be like.

It's strange for fiction to collide with non-fiction in such a manner, but there's no other explanation for why the show's popularity has remained. Put it this way: if Matthew Morrison was ever caught with strippers and cocaine, the public wouldn't allow him to simply return to the set the next day, only asking for funny one-liners in return.

Just look at the outcry that surfaced when a few Glee stars posed in GQ.

Should a star's behavior off set ever be an issue for fans? That could be debated for hours. But one thing is clear: you can't complain about Sheen and tune in to CBS every Monday night at 9. Whether you like it or not, in an indirect manner, you're approving of his actions when you do so.

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Kid, I ggoloed WND and Alan Keyes and there is no evidence whatsoever that either has ever been a 911 "truther." WND has an article rebutting the charge; Keyes doesn't mention it. Only some of the Ron Paul followers were truthers, but many of those were paleos (Alex Jones is also a paleoconservative). I do not consider paleos to be true conservatives -- they are loony IMO.


Kid, I ggoloed WND and Alan Keyes and there is no evidence whatsoever that either has ever been a 911 "truther." WND has an article rebutting the charge; Keyes doesn't mention it. Only some of the Ron Paul followers were truthers, but many of those were paleos (Alex Jones is also a paleoconservative). I do not consider paleos to be true conservatives -- they are loony IMO.

Al in germany

Jeffrey, Tim Gunn's the only one who has questioned TM's performance on set and he was there for one day, TM was the only one he filmed with, and he had a book to sell at the time of saying it to the national press rather than in discussion with the producers of the show in private. It's maybe another example of how a man can make bitchy comments in a bid for publicity and have people praise them, whilst the girl gets roundly condemned for saying far less. But anyway, look at all the comments from producers and regular cast members and they are all complementary. I guess it's human nature to believe the negative though. Matt, if Steve were to put it in those terms and be funny about it fair enough. But it's a regular stream of unfunny snark, the facts of which I've debunked on a couple of occasions. Even Perez Hilton has acknowledged that creating an atmosphere which encourages hate and abuse (which Steve does with his pieces - just look at the comments) is a bad thing at a time when teen suicides are a real issue. Please don't take the low road. Let this be a site for fans.


I don't watch this show, but my family do. I hear about Charlie Sheen all the time. It annoys me. But if you think about it, the show is high in ratings and the show is raking in the cash. So really, to sum it up, the reason for Charlie Sheen to be on the show is for ratings and money. That's what it comes down to at the end of the day: a paycheck. So just understand that no matter what Charlie Sheen does, it doesnt matter. They're getting paid big money. It's all they really care about.


Oh and Isaiah Washington's antics occurred ON set, and then again at widely publicized events where they were promoting Grey's Anatomy. Very different situation since his actions were affecting the cast/crew and show's reputation.


Isn't Taylor Momsen though reportedly difficult on set? I know Tim Gunn said she was a very unprofessional "diva" when he guest starred. It's one thing to act a fool outside work, which I still personally find ridiculous and setting a terrible example, but when you bring it to the set? Should not be tolerated. I agree with Carissa. Can't stand Charlie Sheen. Not just for his behavior but because he's a terrible actor. Two and a Half Men is idiotic, juvenile humor and a traditional comedy, popular because that's about all the vast majority can handle. They have a hard time venturing outside their laugh-track comfort zone or investing in anything with a fresh concept that has wit, sarcasm or satire. Look at how much money the latest Fockers movie is raking in, not to mention the procedural and reality shows that blow away the smarter TV competition. By and large, people love dumb and familiar, and that's what they get with Charlie Sheen.


I forgave sheen his long ago crap when i began watching and liking 2 1/2 men, but i havent watched any of his episodes for the past 2 seasons because i cant stand him as a person. If sports stars get the axe for "actions detrimental to the team and the sport", and isiah washington gets booted for saying "fag" and mel gibson gets kicked off a movie cuz his co-stars can't stand his actions.....then why the heck is sheen still employed?

Matt richenthal

@AL: I will, indeed, talk to Steve. I believe his beef with Taylor is more along the lines of how lame she is for trying so hard to be edgy. She really does say some dumb stuff sometimes, and it's clear she's just trying to make a splash.
I don't think Steve would argue The CW should take any kind of action against her. She just provides easy fodder to make fun of, regardless of her gender.

Al in germany

Matt, I think you need to have this discussion with Steve Marsi, before he writes another one of his weekly Taylor Momsen bashing pieces. And lets face it, Momsen hasn't done anything near as bad as CS, but she's a girl so....


I really, really don't like Charlie Sheen. My personal history had a clash with his as my boyfriend was in the Aspen clink for the same thing when Charlie was arrested. I must say, money does buy you just about everything. Haven't watched Men since. Drives me nuts that my mother still watches the idiot, sometimes more than once a day. Although, I admit, I will watch The Arrival again because that is some good cheese.

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