The Defenders Review: "Nevada v. Wayne"

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I enjoy the characters of Pete and Nick. They honestly do have great screen charisma and presence on The Defenders and it's a lot fun watching them work.

Unfortunately, “Nevada v. Wayne” felt bland and lacked the emotional punch that it wanted to deliver.

All the characters seemed to be digging deep into their emotional pockets to try and serve the audience something to care about. Pete’s look of disbelief as the women on the jury believed the man’s testimony was the exact same one I had for this episode. Really?

Close Up of Nick

Why was Lisa so upset about the rape case, beyond the fact that the mere act of rape is heinous itself? When she was going over the scene in her head, I thought at first that maybe we were going to learn about a back story where she had encountered a similar event.


Rather, it was Lisa simply serving a plot point by questioning Nick’s motives to discredit the rape victim. How dare he!

I was glad that Nick at least defended his actions by stating that he didn’t want to do it, but needed to defend his client. It would help their case. It was also the first time that Nick and Lisa actually seemed to be at odds. I expected her to make a drastic decision and quit.

Even the revelation of Mike’s guilt didn’t feel dramatic. While reminiscent of Edward Norton’s great reveal in Primal Fear, I didn’t have the same amount of time to learn anything about Mike to really care. Yeah, it was creepy because he was a bad guy, but he received his guilty verdict because, let’s be honest, this is The Defenders. It would have been far more interesting for him to get away with it.

Which leads me to a point I think needs to be brought to the show: the characters need more background information.

I can only watch two bantering lawyers defending the case of the week for so long. In fact, I’d even enjoy watching an episode without a case that simply focuses on Nick and Pete.

I want to know more about them than some base facts. Yes, Pete’s a brash womanizer and Nick is divorced and trying to lose weight. But what else is there to these guys?

I do like that the show is trying different types of cases and situations. Pete being stuck in jury duty was funny to watch and buying suits with the company card had its moments. In the end, though, I have to agree with Nick and Pete’s parting words. Here’s to our worst days and the better ones ahead.

As a closing programming note: Look for new episodes of The Defenders on Fridays, starting February 4.


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I am floored that they actually had a verdict other than 'Not Guilty' although that is exactly the verdict they wanted. So, the ending is the same as all the others.


Hey, the way you started out I though we might finally agree on something but nnnnooooope. The show needs to stick to the cases at hand and defending. It does not need more background and family crap like so many others that destroy the stoy line. I loved the way they finally reolised the guy was guilty and set up their own client. Justice was served even if they lost the case.


I agree with your review. I haven't been a dedicated viewer to this show just because I had no connection to the characters. I feel like this show is trying to be different than the law and order series with its humor, but it lacks in the area where the two main characters have no outside life or feelings outside of their jobs. I am hoping the show can bring some personal drama into the scene without getting rid of the humor that makes the show unique from others. We will see.......


I did not get to see this one at all The President was on .maybe when it is a rerun I hope I was looking forward to watching ,Next time

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