The Mentalist Review: "Bloodsport"

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That was quite an opening scene to The Mentalist, wasn't it? 

Not the mixed martial arts fight, but Rigsby’s new girlfriend. Her intensity about the brawl was a little scary and I think she’s going to leave Wayne with several bruises.  Of course, she is so gorgeous; he may not mind.

MMA Investigation

Regrettably, Rigsby has bigger problems to worry about: Agent LaRoche returned on "Bloodsport."

That man gets creepier every time I see him and now he has his sights set on Rigsby.  I can see why Rigsby’s prior experience as an arson investigator makes him a suspect in Todd Johnson’s murder.  What I didn’t see coming was the way LaRoche went after him about his father’s criminal past.

At first, I couldn’t understand Wayne’s reaction when LaRoche came back at him about phone calls he’d made to his father.  Rigsby said he had no contact with his dad, but then LaRoche found these calls between the two back in 2008.  Well, that was 2008! 

If I haven’t spoken to someone in three years, I’m pretty comfortable saying I’ve had no contact with them.  And maybe Rigsby would be, too, if he had nothing to hide.

I can’t believe he used Cho as an alibi for his father and then never told Cho about it.  That was pretty reckless.  When Cho said he’s never lied to another cop, I knew that would end to save his partner’s career.  Unfortunately, this may have done irreparable harm to their friendship.  Something tells me we’ll see the consequences of this coming back to haunt them both later on this season.

I didn’t find the case of the week all that exciting, but watching Jane push the fighters’ buttons was fun.  Only Jane could quote Star Wars and Nietzsche in the same five minutes and make me laugh at both.

We didn’t get a lot of Lisbon, but I loved her “Thanks for that” quip as Jane riled up the fighters into a brawl in the middle of CBI, leaving Lisbon and the officers to handle it as he calmly walked away sipping his coffee.  A classic Jane moment.

No new episode next week, so plenty of time to think about various questions: Is LaRoche serious about going after Rigsby?  Is Jane still in his crosshairs or do you think Cho is next on his hit list?


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In the first season especially, but thereafter also, the characters on the team just seemed so perfect as foils for what makes Jane such a fun character -- like they're impressed by him and go along with him, almost like they're pleased to be in on the joke. Maybe there's a problem, though, in stretching their character backgrounds and story out into some attempt to make them real members of the team. Rigsby being so frat house in his mentality has been fun often ... but I find myself agreeing with the comments that it's getting a bit annoying and Rigsby's character is definitely the least enjoyable anymore.


You should have mentioned Lisbon's hair. I'm so glad the stylists came to their senses. She looks so pretty with straight hair. Something I found in another board and with what I kind of agree: Rigsby was never one of my favorite characters but I think now I like him even less especially since he made this speech about if someone has the guts to kill he should have to guts to serve for it as well in Red Badge (about Lisbon). Makes him look rather hypocritical now.


I see I am not the only one that thinks they have taken a winner of a show and turned it into a mess. Why have they made the lead such an ass??.


Absolutely the worst episode ever. Perfect storm of terrible writing, directing, and acting, except for Simon Baker who manages to stay charming despite a lack of material.


that episode was so funny.. i love the The Mentalist.. but the guy LaRoche whats his deal with Rigsby questioning about his father that has nothing to do with the Red John case thats why hes there .


There is a reason the Agent LaRoche storyline is continuing and it is likely going to tie-in to Red John at the end of the season. Sounds like Rigsby's father could somehow be connected. Otherwise, last night's storyline would hardly be relevant.


So far, one of the worst episode of the 3 seasons, and to think we have nothing for the next 2 weeks. LaRoche is indeed creepy but one needs one in every show. Patrick did not use his smarts or his charm except to hang on to his tea when jostled. The writing in the book and the scene in the hospital, very weak indeed, are the writers on vacation again, or is there a strike we haven't heard of. The Rigsby incident is also boring, I'm tired of him and now he's ruined his standing with Cho who also thought him juvenile at times. We need a new member of the team coming in to stir the pot.


I think LaRoche is creepy too -- and not just like all cop shows seem to dislike internal affairs/investigations guys, but like there really is a Satan and this is his representative on earth kind of creepy ....


Not one of my fave episodes. I want more Lisbon and less of the creepy LaRoche guy.


It was not coffee that Jane was drinking it was tea

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