The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season Finale: "You Stole my F-ckin house!"

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WOW. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers knew Kim and Kyle had family issues, but did anyone realized how deep-rooted those issues actually were? After the season finale, we do now.

Let's take a look at all that went down:

  • It was painful for everyone involved to watch Camille kiss Kelsey's ass, as she finally opened up about how much he sucks during a heart-to-heart with one of her very few female friends. Crazy Camille may have a "Jesus complex," but she's just as human as the rest of us (Thank God. The jury was out for a bit).
  • Lisa finally addressed the Serafina Showdown with Taylor. Did Taylor say something to Camille in private before dinner to get her so worked up AGAIN?  Nay, said Taylor.  From there, things went south because Taylor took this as a sign to confront an unstable Kim about what happened in New York. As Lisa said: "I don't give a flying fig what Kim said to Taylor." 
Season Finale Fight
  • Kim came undone at the Cristophe salon in Beverly Hills. As the makeup artist attempted to show her how to apply eyeshadow, Kim struggled to dab.  Her reasoning?  Because she didn't have to put on a face for friends or school.  Kyle did, but Kim didn't.  Hmmm, alright.
  • Lisa told Cedric he had to move out. I realize that Cedric has abandonment issues, but he's 37 and needs to get a grip.  Lisa's not leaving him; he just needs to put on his big boy pants and grow up.
  • Camille had to show ID to prove who she was at Kelsey's apartment. That's reason enough to demand $50 million from that a$$hole.  
  • After the worst speech in the world ever by Russell, Taylor decided to unleash her marital frustration on Kim. Things escalated between Taylor and Kim, as Kyle heard her name and shimmied over in a too-tight bandage dress (really, Kyle?  You're pretty and have a great body, but it's time to dress your age). 
  • Once Kim was told to remain in the limo, Adrienne and Kyle swooped in to make things worse. So much was aired between the Richards sisters that shouldn't have been caught on camera.  Kim's possible battle with alcohol, the fact that Mauricio and Kyle support her financially.  How about when Kim blurted out, "You stole my f-ckin house!"  I have no clue what that means, but it all just blew up. 

For more on this meltdown, as well as the finale's epilogue and tease for next week's reunion special, check out my full review at The Hollywood Gossip!


I find the timing of this leaked footage to be damaging in a very far-reaching way: Kim says on camera at one point that she would like to re-start her career and, according to people in the business, had for a while been putting out feelers for possible work. But now that Kyle has publicly accused her of being an alleged alcoholic who can't take care of herself, it will be very difficult for her to get work. Most studios do not want to risk taking on the liability of an actor who may not show up on time and cost money in delayed filming and other on set snafus. And as Kim has not acted in ages, she does not have a proven record as regards ticket sales or viewership. So it looks like Kyle has finally gotten the ultimate revenge for Kim's success, of which she is so clearly jealous, and has essentially blocked any chance Kim might have of earning income. I have to wonder if that was Kyle's plan all along. Kim was looking for work long before Kyle convinced her to be on the show, and Kyle has been in the business and knows well how such accusations can ruin any actor's chances at winning roles in an already competitive business. Now Kyle has put her in a position to be dependent on Kyle and Mauricio for even longer, and possibly forever. Twisted, no? Sounds like Kyle must be co-dependent on Kim. Good work Kyle, as long as Kim does not get work, you get to be the martyr, you never have to be shown up by Kim ever again, and you can continue your incessant complaints about her while patting yourself on the back for "helping" her. So sad.


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Shame on Kyle, she is a bully. Her sister was cledarly inebriated, and in no condition to have this conversation. I felt like she was being attack by the whole group. As far as Kim supporting Kyle, she has many times. She was at Farrah's graduation, where was Kathy Hilton at. She has frequently been supportive. Kyle is not a true friend or sister. Why can't she see thru Taylor's crap?


I understand that Kelsey may be hard to live with but Camille is just a sick in the head HARPE! He probably agreed to let her do this show so that the world could see what a self involved me me me woman she really is. Now he doesn't have to worry what we all think of him for leaving her because it's plain to see that she is UNBEARABLE!

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