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Grey's Anatomy is back ... and better than ever? React to the first episode of 2011, "Disarm," by voting in TVF's survey and sharing your comments with us below!

Our Grey's Anatomy forum is also open for your reactions, as always. We will post our official episode recap, review, quotes, music and more as soon as we can.

We'll be sure to pass along clips from next week and any Grey's Anatomy spoilers we come across as well. For now, have your say on this week's Grey's Anatomy!

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@blahblah I agree I don't see the hype...I mean I respect peoples beliefs, and if someone wants to stop watching because of it,then that is their decision....but I mean I am a Christian and it didnt offend me cause its television..its a fake show...something said by a fake person...and you can probably go on any show on primetime and find something just as bad...not to say that I judge people who do have a problem with it I don' each his own...but I mean that was hardly the most immoral subject in this show in its 7 seasons lol....AND she apologized...oh well to each his own


I don't understand why people are kicking off about Bailey calling God a bastard! It is just a TV show at the end of the day and it WAS good writing. The character apologised afterwards anyway, not that she needed to, in my opinion.. since I don't think he's real haha! The scene was compelling, as was the entire episode! It gets a little tiring when religious people try to force it down other peoples throats, it really does.


@Kristenr1983 thanks so much your theory makes sense that's what I was leaning too but I still didn't get it but loved the scene cas it made me laugh and geek with themm loved it


@Annaleise I understand that this show is fictional and the like but you have to be respectful of what other fans believe in. You can't expect devout believers not to take offense in something like that if they go against their beliefs. It doesn't make a fan less of a fan because they took offense in it and I don't think it's right that you judge people depending on their reaction to this. It's disrespectful of you to generalize that people who took offense in that comment aren't meant to watch television shows simply because of their beliefs.


Must say it is quite disturbing to see the overreaction to a line on a fictional tv show. People who get that upset over Bailey' saying "bastard" to God, probably shouldn't be watching tv because its no worse than saying "God damn". Loosen up. Its a fake show, written by someone. Bailey is not real, the actress playing her was doing her job. Anyone seriously willing to stop being fans of the show over something like that were probably not fans in the first place, and again, are the kinds of people who shouldn't be watching television, especially medical shows.


I just watched this episode online today. I am a fan of good writing. I am a fan of good acting. I am a fan of believable character development. Anatomy has all of these components. But I am also a Bible-believing Christian. I have watched some parts of this show which I found objectionable by Bible standards and have reasoned that these characters don't profess to be Christians. However, what Bailey did today has crossed a definite line for me. Had she just angrily called for the boy back,it would have been realistic. I was recently in an emergency room, praying with a mother for her son to live, but he went to be with God. While I am sure anger will be part of the grieving process, it would never be acceptable to call God by a name that is far from hallowed. I am not foolish enough to think it doesn't happen, but I DON'T have to watch it on TV!


@mcdreamylover, I almost think that they were realizing how they have come full circle...that while they lost some of those close to them in the shooting, (reed, percy) they helped save every life that was effected by this shooting...They were almost able to relieve all that emotion, all of them in there together. Idk that was kind of confusing to me as well, but this is what I gathered from it....I loved that scene also


Best episode of the season Does anyone know and undestand why they were all like crying in the gallery then all of of sudden burstsd out lagging cas i don't get it aha .. But I liked the scene it was funny andthe made me laugh with them ? If someone knows can yu pleas tell me thanks


The sneak peeks are in the forum, by the way...and there are three


Sorry I meant to say that I am NOT a devout catholic, but am a catholic, and DO believe in God...I want to make it clear that this was just MY opinion, and I respect the opinions of others, just wanted to state mine....On another note, has everyone seen the sneak peeks?!!? The Calzona one is AWESOME!!


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