The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 45

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A bit of meta, CW humor earned "sleepyhead" the top prize in this week's Vampire Diaries contest.

The user depicted a sullen Rose, lamenting the delay of Supernatural and Smallville by that network, as the 2011 premiere of each of which was pushed back a week.

Thanks as always to all that played! Remember to chime in every Friday!


Damon: What's wrong?
Rose: I just found out that Supernatural and Smallville won't be coming back until the 4th.

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Damon: Omg Rose are you sick?
Rose: No, I just haven't put Make-up on yet! I told you i don´t look good in the morning!
Damon: okay.. maybe that wolf bids not gonna kill you! good luck! See ya!


Damon: Come on Rose. It's not that bad.
Rose: Yes it is!!!! Don't you get it??? We missed Justin Bieber.


Rephrase: Damon: Don't be like that, Rose. Rose: I'm sorry Damon. I just can't be with a man who looks better in my jeans than i do.


Damon: i want to go on a mururouse rampage so would you please hurry up ROSE: i'm not 160 any more anyway i am a blind as a bat


come on drink this and we can go a suicidle mission on my space ship the PREMETHEUS


here have some human blood and we can go on a merdurus rampage together


This is how the real Bella looks like


Rose:Is this that true blood. Damon:No it's called True Diaries.


Damon: Why don't you go lay down in my room?
Rose: Your room is nothing like what I'd expected it to be.
Damon: That room contains every memory I've ever thought was important enough to hang onto.
Rose: A bed and bookcase?
Damon: And, in a moment, you. I will find a way to save you, Rose.


Damon: What's wrong?
Rose: Vervain!
Damon: Damn it, Elena! I told her putting it in the alcohol was fine, but to keep it out of the blood supply.

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