The Vampire Diaries Casts Klaus!

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He's the oldest, most dangerous vampire on the planet. And now he has a face.

Following weeks of hype and speculation, The Vampire Diaries has cast a relative unknown actor in the role of Klaus, the Original blood sucker set on sacrificing Elena and breaking the curse of the moonstone.

Say hello to Joseph Morgan.

Joseph Morgan Photo

We know what you're thinking: Who?!?

The 30-year old Brit has a thin resume in the States, but producer Julie Plec told Entertainment Weekly last month the show likely preferred an actor "that no one’s really familiar with," so he can be exploited, "in all the good ways," of course.

The Vampire Diaries has succeeded on that front: this role will mark Morgan's first network TV appearance. He has enjoyed parts on the big screen in Alexander and Master and Commander.

With just hours to go until tonight's 2011 premiere, sound off now: Good choice?


I didn't expect anyone like him to play the part but him being unknown is a definite advantage. From the picture he doesn't seem to be scary enough to be Klaus but I look forward to seeing him suited up for the part.


Hmm I was expecting someone older than Elijah. He seems to young to play the oldest vampire in the world. That's not the face of someone who has seen it all and has authority over the undead world.


Haha, my god. My first reaction to this news was laughter. I just LAUGHED. I mean, it's funny. I cannot imagine him being Klaus. This is the wimp from Hex. The annoying wimp, to be exact. I don't mean any disrespect towards the actor, but I really wished Klaus would have been played by someone I have never heard of. Certainly not this guy. Oh well, perhaps everyone should be given a chance. I do hope he can pull it off. Good luck!


i agree with Alison. looking at the picture He doesn't look like he can be scary. but doesn't that make it scarier when a person who looks nice is pure evil. Awesome choice in my opinion. Hopefully we get to see that come out on screen.


Unknown is good. I hope he does well.


Never thought of him, but when I saw that he was cast as Klaus, I thought: "Perfect!" I didn't care for his character on HEX(1 of my favorite shows. ever.) BUT I think he'll do great as Klaus.


that's one hot klaus haha and he's british hope they keep his accent lol, I was hoping for Zachy Quinto but oh well lol can't have them all lol


I think he fits the description from the books and of course they'll do makeup on him people.....that's why it's called acting! :p Good job , Julie :)


Ok I don't know about this choice...he's really something else in the books ...I am going to do my best to be objective tho


he doesn't look scary at all...idk how we're supposed to believe he's scarier than eligah but whatever

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