The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Descent"

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The Vampire Diaries didn't exactly return to The CW with an uplifting episode.

There was one significant death, numerous corpses and a return to the dark side by a certain Salvatore brother. Come along with the TV Fanatic staff as we analyze "The Descent" in this edition of the Round Table. Reader feedback is encouraged on the following topics...

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt R: On an episode all about Damon, I've gotta go with the admission that I didn't anticipate: "I'm not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret."

Steve M: Caroline cracked me up this week. Everyone has to stop kissing me! It's hard when you now combine your looks with newfound confidence, girl.

Eric H: How could it not be Rose's death scene? I was captivated enough by the dream scenario Damon concocted, but then the show cut to real life, Damon's hand on a stake, tears in his eyes and... yeah, it got me.


Rose's death: Slow and boring, or profound and emotional?
Matt R: At first, I thought it dragged on. But then I remembered how the rest of this season will be a feud between werewolves and vampires and I realized: the show needed to establish the stakes of just how painful a wolf bite can be in order to set up this conflict.

Steve M: I'm sorry, but I was bored. Consider how much more time we spent on Rose than Stefan, Bonnie, Jeremy. She seemed nice and all, but we just met Rose. I'd have been fine with Damon staking her early in the episode.

Eric H: The dream sequence poured on the cheese factor a bit much. But it was nice to get Rose's dying perspective on life as a vampire versus life as a human. Elena may be pondering those options in a couple weeks.

Are you happy to see John Gilbert again?
Matt R: Is that a trick question? Of course!

Steve M: Yes, as long as the show doesn't give him too much screen time. As you can tell from my second answer, I'm partial to the regular cast. I don't like when the focus is off Stefan and company for a long period of time.

Eric H: Certainly happier than Jenna likely will be! Gotta imagine his re-appearance will create a bit of tension between her and Alaric.

Grade the casting of Klaus.
Matt R: I made it clear who I wanted, so I can't give it an A. But I am glad the show didn't choose a big name, so I'll give it a solid B.

Steve M: In light of his recent shenanigans, Charlie Sheen would clearly be a better choice. Ask any porn star how scary he can be! Can't go higher than C+ here.

Eric H: Gonna have to channel Billy Bob from Varsity Blues and give it a "10, a f-ckin 10!"


The scene made me sob. I have sat for five months each with two dying people in the past two and a half years. It was very accuratel in its depiction of waiting with a person who is letting go of life. Damon takes her to a place where she can experience the beauty of life one last time and she comes to terms with her own death-even sees there may be something good waiting for her and then she is ready release peacefully into death. I felt that who ever wrote that scene had a lot of knowledge of dying, both physically and spiritually. We mercy kill people everyday in our hospitals. It is referred to as giving them enough morphine to keep them "comfortable" while in the death throes but be assured they keep cranking that dial up into the breathing stops. And yes the one left behind is left with a puddle of emotion and a big gap where that person used to be. Even thought his is supposed to be a teenage show (my teens are shocked I watched it) I think it is grappling with the deepest struggles of life.


My “Descent� Belated Round Table Reply… My chosen scene and also viewed as profound {not at all boring}…Damon holding Rose, bringing her through a dream-state, before staking her; as his tears flow. He is the one you call on when the deed must be done 10/10 times. It was his surge of emotion that hit hardest…so uncharacteristic to reveal externally. Loved the scene! To choose just one quote, it would be… Damon: I'm not sure. Because you are my existential crisis. Do I kill you? Do I not kill you? …Between the overall circumstances of scene itself, the longing that was so evident; and that simple summary of his core…just made it deeply profound. Anyone facing real truths about themselves in the midst of an existential crisis; will find they ask the mirrored “To… or Not To…� even while questioning who they are, were, and will be. His words were so honest and real and raw! Re: Jonathan Gilbert…My only interest in him resides in his access to and connection with Isobel; whom I’m patiently waiting to return to Mystic. As far as the Klaus casting…Having to grade pre-performance, I’ll give a solid “B� the choice of the unassuming pretty-boy Joseph Morgan. I can see him pulling it off, after a long studious look. But I am a huge Elijah fan, who drastically compounds the expectations of the young man who’s to be “more than…�; so I am quite intrigued to see whether he’ll bring some major A-game. Cheers!!! ~


I never realized that Rose was feeling the sun after 500 years. Wow. That makes the dream sequence soooo much more sad and heartbreaking. I didn't realize for how LONG her life was confinded to the night. So sad. Poor Rose. Dancing in the meadows for the last time.
I would like to enjoy the fresh air. Would you enjoy it with me?
Damon gives her this crooked smile and a non-commital shrug. For a while.
Cuz he knows he has to kill her*
Sob. considering how USELESS I thought Rose was, her death scene was possibly the deepest vampirediaries has touched me yet.


HEY. No one says that about Steve M. Get off this site if you don't like what you read. It isn't meant for your tender eyes. And for your pitifully lacking sense of humor.


I thought the whole dream sequence was wonderful. Damon wanted her to live in the sunlight "something that she missed so much" and to run in the fields where she lived previous to being a vampire. She was the only one that didn't judge him on his feelings for Elena. It was beautifully written and well done. Even with Damon at the end, yelling and showing his real feelings. Super!


Great episode..Glad it's finally back on!! Damon made me cry though! I hold stuff in like he does..Guess I relate to him..Not to mention, he's just so beautiful, and sarcastic, and I love that about him!


I absolutely LOVED the deream sequence and how they were going back in forth between reality and dream. If someone would have told me that was happening I thought it would have been the worst idea ever but it was put together so nicely! best show eva :D


It was a great episode. Damon shocked me but at the same time I figured he was troubled. His mean side is just a shield so no one could hurt him like catherine did.


I get a feeling that Steve M. and Amy Jackey are dickheads! They think they are so funny and so smart.... *yawn


John killed Anna so no, and why didnt Jeremy punch him? Or atleast mourn Annas death?

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