The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Descent"

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The Vampire Diaries didn't exactly return to The CW with an uplifting episode.

There was one significant death, numerous corpses and a return to the dark side by a certain Salvatore brother. Come along with the TV Fanatic staff as we analyze "The Descent" in this edition of the Round Table. Reader feedback is encouraged on the following topics...

What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
Matt R: On an episode all about Damon, I've gotta go with the admission that I didn't anticipate: "I'm not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret."

Steve M: Caroline cracked me up this week. Everyone has to stop kissing me! It's hard when you now combine your looks with newfound confidence, girl.

Eric H: How could it not be Rose's death scene? I was captivated enough by the dream scenario Damon concocted, but then the show cut to real life, Damon's hand on a stake, tears in his eyes and... yeah, it got me.


Rose's death: Slow and boring, or profound and emotional?
Matt R: At first, I thought it dragged on. But then I remembered how the rest of this season will be a feud between werewolves and vampires and I realized: the show needed to establish the stakes of just how painful a wolf bite can be in order to set up this conflict.

Steve M: I'm sorry, but I was bored. Consider how much more time we spent on Rose than Stefan, Bonnie, Jeremy. She seemed nice and all, but we just met Rose. I'd have been fine with Damon staking her early in the episode.

Eric H: The dream sequence poured on the cheese factor a bit much. But it was nice to get Rose's dying perspective on life as a vampire versus life as a human. Elena may be pondering those options in a couple weeks.

Are you happy to see John Gilbert again?
Matt R: Is that a trick question? Of course!

Steve M: Yes, as long as the show doesn't give him too much screen time. As you can tell from my second answer, I'm partial to the regular cast. I don't like when the focus is off Stefan and company for a long period of time.

Eric H: Certainly happier than Jenna likely will be! Gotta imagine his re-appearance will create a bit of tension between her and Alaric.

Grade the casting of Klaus.
Matt R: I made it clear who I wanted, so I can't give it an A. But I am glad the show didn't choose a big name, so I'll give it a solid B.

Steve M: In light of his recent shenanigans, Charlie Sheen would clearly be a better choice. Ask any porn star how scary he can be! Can't go higher than C+ here.

Eric H: Gonna have to channel Billy Bob from Varsity Blues and give it a "10, a f-ckin 10!"


Ps: Damon didn't kill the girl idiots. He's going to keep her around.

Amy jackey

damon and elaina will never get together. its going to piss me off next week when tyler puts caroline in a cage and if he does something to hurt her im going to be really pissed off because she was the only one there when he needed her.


damn good episode!!!! Rose's death wasnt slow and boring!!! itwas was really emotional, i nearly started cryin :(
i dont geet y john is back :S and it shouldnt be uncle john, she should call her dad.
i feel soo soo sorry for damon :( i really thought he canged until he killed tht girl. i dont like how he copes with things.


It was a decent episode but I did find the Rose storyline a tad boring. I understand they needed to do it to set up future storlines though. I preferred that actress's roll on Supernatural as Bella more so. Truthfully, I think they have been bringing in too many new characters in general. I want to focus more so on the main ones.
I didn't miss Bonnie. I definitely prefer Caroline. I also agree that I'm ok with John returning as long as they don't give him too much of a storyline. I do miss the Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle. I know they are taking focus off of that to bring in big storylines but hopefully they will focus on them again.
I have no idea who that actor is that they chose for Klaus. Honestly I think Gary Oldman should've played Klaus. He's perfect in such roles. Although I guess they prefer Klaus to be a younger guy.


I think the quote "I'm not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret." was so emotional and filled with pain.
But, being a Delena fan, I almost prefer the quote "I can’t be what other people want me to be; what she wants me to be. This is who I am." In my opinion, that scene really made you realise his feelings for Elena, how real and strong they are.


Are you happy to see John Gilbert again?
I'm so excited about this! I love John so much, i have no idea why!?! VD just got so much more interesting! Grade the casting of Klaus:
B- i'm not that impressed! I suppose we just have to wait how he plays Klaus! But by just seeing the picture i'm not impressed, he is meant to "out charm damon" it doesn't look so good! :/


What was your favorite quote/scene from the episode?
"I'm not human. And I miss it. I miss it more than anything in the world. That is my secret." this had me in tears! I'm such a Damon fan and this was like a stake through the heart for me! :'( Rose's death: Slow and boring, or profound and emotional?
I wasn't such a rose fan, she annoyed me if i'm perfectly honest! but it was good to see an emotional side of Damon, i felt her death showed an amazing side to him, it was the Damon that confessed his love to Elena!


Dang my sisters fone doesnt work as much as mine used to....
I just loved the episode how you get to see who Damon really is inside...i almost cried when he had to stake Rose...i kinda hate Stefan for bringing in Uncle John....but he might help!anyways i hope the episodes go back next week to Stefan/Elena "action" and Damon trying to get in between


At first I did think the Rose thing dragged on because I never found Rose very interesting to begin with. The only reason I didn't mind her was because Damon has few constant things in life and Rose was one of the few that understood him, accepted him, even chose him over the other brother (Lexi had told her about Stefan to begin with) And when I figured Rose would die there were no tears lost.
But it really touched me when Damon looked at her wound and brightly said that it was healing even when he knew she was going to die. There was something honestly painful in the way he bantered with her, making her laugh, keeping the mood light, when she was very much dying. Being close to someone you love and knowing that time is little, using that little, precious time to laugh a few last times with them all the while feeling like something is dying within you because you know it has to end and soon- is something I am all too familiar with.
In ordinary circumstances, to be perfectly honest I wouldve found the dream sequence completely out of character for vampire diaries and also- weird. Heavy. Totally corny. But somehow I could relate to it. Damon was *pretending* everything was okay when it wasn't. He held her like it was just another day. She asked if he would spend time in the fresh air with her and he said, for a while. He was his usual lighthearted self but inside he was in SO much pain. And when she said race me, and he said maybe il cheat- in this case cheating meaning the race epipd never start and he would kill her really struck me.
Damon wasn't just crying because he was guilty. I think he cried because it's horrible to say goodbye to someone you love, knowing you'll never see them again, pretending everything is alright, when it isn't.
"I knew you were kind,"
"No I'm not. I'm mean."
I can't believe that far more touching than the Delena hug were these words exchanged by Rose and Damon. He showed his most caring, gentle side in this episode. And I think for anyone who has lost someone they love, smiling on the outside for the sake of that person but crying on the inside for themselves- every dialogue and movement by Damon the entire episode spoke volumes. It was beautifully depicted.
And I'm kind of pissed at Tyler. He's as shallow as ever if he's so mad at Caroline after having shown feeling for her this ep. The last scene with Damon and that girl was funny in ways I never thought humor existed. It's like- he wanted to talk to a shrink- but he can't tell anyone he's a vampire- and his deepest secrets without compulsion.
"I can't be what she wants me to be-" - BEST line of ep. Elena wants Damon to be more human but he can't. "Theres only that much pain a man can take."
This character has blown me away. It's mind boggling to think how much Damon has been through. Incredible ep.


The final scene with Damon OMFG :o Love Damon badass!!!!

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