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What did you think of this week's Grey's Anatomy?

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I know this might sound crazy, but I wonder if Mer and Der may adopt the baby if they can't get pregnant. I know Meredith was concerned about their child being prone to alzheimers, and this would make sense.


I feel so bad for Arizona right now - after all, it took two people to get Callie left behind. I hate hate HATE that it had to come to this. It feels like such a cheap shot to the fans and to Arizona.
I think the Meredith/Derek baby storyline is going to make me love them even more. Derek grabbing Meredith and telling her that practice makes perfect? Priceless.
Alex had a one night stand. Big whoop. While he has grown a lot, he's kind of hit a low point romantically and it doesn't surprise me that he took the med student home. But it was definitely a one night stand. And he did do a pretty good job of teaching, even if he did have ulterior motives.
Meredith's med student was stupid. Texting during surgery?
Where was Stark??? Not that I miss him but I was expecting some tension between him and Arizona.
Bailey and Eli are cute but unless he gets serious it's not gonna last and I want to see someone with Bailey and Tuck for the long haul (like Ben, whom I miss but still watch on Off the Map).


Nooooooo !!! why is she pregnant !!! THIS A JOCK ! seriously !! Shonda, what the HECK was THAT !!!


What was with Alex last night? Was he just using that intern for a good rating? He is disgusting. He was acting like a love sick teen. Don't tell me that she has moved into Mer's house. I can't believe all those people living under one roof. I don't care if I ever watch this show again.


when is the next epi?!




The baby thing was perfect. It's going to cause problems for a ton of people. Meredith will probably get pretty bummed about Callie's pregnancy since she has a hostile uterus. I bet she will even yell at Lexie when little Grey starts bitching to Meredith about Mark now having a kid.
Lexie and Mark are going to be tested in this one. Can Lexie step up to the plate and handle a child in her soon-to-be husbands life? They'll probably break up again or have a few fights. One of Shonda's comments on some blog or other (I forget where I read it exactly), she stated that no one would be watching if the couples were happy all of the time. I mean come on, I love Grey's, but it definitely has soap opera drama to keep the show so interesting.
And as for Arizona and Callie, I'm betting after Callie told her, Arizona is either going to freak out, or pretend to be okay and then freak out. However, she needs a test like this to push her because if Callie just took her back, no big deal, Arizona would still be arrogant and would have learned nothing.
As for if the baby will actually happen, I have a feeling the baby will make it a few months, maybe Addison will pay a visit to help her two bff's Mark/ Callie, but I don't think the baby will make it. I'm also betting Callie/ Arizona will have HUGE fights, but when Callie loses the baby, Arizona will actually step up and be there.
To be honest, I don't know if Grey's is ready for a kid yet! I can't even imagine Callie pregnant or Mark and her raising a child in season 8, it seems too surreal. How many more seasons is the show even going to go on for, you know?


I really loved every scene with Bailey in this episode. She was so funny and amazing.


Why are so many people upset & threatening to " boycott" the show just because callie is pregnant & meredith isn't? Really, I'm a merder fan too, but you all need to relax & chill. Meredith will get pregnant & have her happy ending, its just going to take time. I'm pretty Shonda know what she's doing and is just pacing herself, otherwise wouldn't it be boring? Honesty if merder got married, built a house & had a baby seasons ago would it be as interesting? Besides, that's how it is in life, people don't get pregnant just because they're married. or want a baby or would be great parents, we have little control over it sometimes. The fact that the show is realistic in some situations is what makes this show so compelling.
I'm a big calzona fan & slexie fan & it was obvious this would happen, and I for one am glad! It appeases many storylines because:
Callie wants a baby, mark wants a baby but their partners are not quite ready. This will be the push arizona & lexie need to commit. Arizona said she agreed to have kids, but she just said it to be with callie which is unfair to callie.
Lexie told mark that she's not ready for everything mark wants but if the baby is with arizona & callie most of the time, then it would be a slow ease into that lifestyle style for lexie. Shed still have her freedom & mark would have his baby. It makes sense that callie & mark would have a baby together seeing as how callie is in romantic relationships with women & wants a baby, she & mark are best friends, and mark wants a kid. Everyone wins! As soon as arizona & lexie can come to terms with it & get on board, it will work out for everyone. Sorry long post, but just had to write it!

Honey tats

@amelia, I hope you're about this.I'm sorry but a Mallie baby simply shouldn't be. It's not right at all.


Grey's Anatomy Quotes

There's a reason I said I'd be happy alone. It wasn't 'cause I thought I'd be happy alone. It was because I thought if I loved someone and then it fell apart, I might not make it. It's easier to be alone, because what if you learn that you need love and you don't have it? What if you like it and lean on it? What if you shape your life around it and then it falls apart? Can you even survive that kind of pain? Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. The only difference is death ends. This? It could go on forever.


Did you say it? 'I love you. I don't ever want to live without you. You changed my life.' Did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work toward it, but every now and then, look around; Drink it in 'cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

Meredith (closing voiceover)