Vampire Diaries Exclusive, Part 2: Julie Plec Speaks to TV Fanatic

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Last month, we sat down with Julie Plec. The Vampire Diaries producer teased a "dark place" ahead on the show, going into detail on werewolves, the appearance of Klaus, and, of course, Ian Somerhalder shirtless.

Below, we've posted part two of this interview. Will Delena fans ever get their ultimate wish? Read on. Find out.

Should we be more afraid of Klaus or Elijah?
They’re both pretty badass. That’s a good question. Elijah scares the hell out of me because he’s so even-tempered, and he’s a man of honor. Men of honor who just show up and speak very quietly, but can do a lot of damage in an instant, those guys are pretty scary dudes. Klaus right now is just an enigma.

Nobody knows what he looks like, nobody knows who he is. Is the myth greater than the man as the legends become more powerful than the man himself? Or is the legend just the tip of the iceberg? That’s what’s most scary about him. Nobody has any idea what to except. Until we meet, Klaus I think its going to have to be a toss-up.

How or why do the Originals have such power?
It’s a combination of a lot of things. This is stuff we’ll be exploring and explaining as the season goes along. When you’re the first of your kind, there’s a lot of things that go into that, whether you want to call it mystical or creationism. However you want to label it, they’re different, and it all goes back to them. They by definition have things no other vampire does.

Will Katherine stick around?
Right now, she’s being held against her will in the tomb, which is a fun situation to see Katherine in. The spell has been broken, but Elijah has compelled her to stay in there, until he says otherwise. For someone like Katherine, who’s used to getting what she wants, that’s gotta be an infuriating situation to be in. We’ll see how long that lasts, and she might be stuck in there forever. It’ll make for a lot of cranky Katherine.

Are there any new supernatural characters coming to Mystic Falls?
You never know. When we come back after the holiday break, we’ll be focusing on our werewolf chapter, and continuation of Elijah and the deal that he’s made with Elena.

Can we trust Elijah?
That is the question, the big question. He calls himself a man of honor, and he seems like somebody who would hold up his end of the deal. But he’s an Original and he’s a vampire so it’s a big character questions and a big call for Elena herself to make, if she can trust this guy. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

Is Luka genuinely interested in Bonnie?
All I can say about Luka is he’s very conflicted, and that we’ll learn more about his relationship to his dad, theirs relationship to Elijah, and why Luka is so conflicted in the coming episodes.

In a summation, what can you tell us about the second half of season two?
We’ve set a lot of things in motion, and we’re going to come to the end of what we’re calling our werewolf chapter, which will really take that story to a really dark place and really change a lot of characters lives, not necessarily in a good way. We are going to dig deeper into the secrets of our new witches and what Bonnies role is going to be in their story, and of course, it's all about the fear of the impending Klaus, and who’s going to be fighting on who’s side, who’s bond is with who, who’s going to betray whom, and is this curse going to be lifted at the hands of a sacrifice that would kill Elena. We’re full steam ahead.

Some fans have to know: Will Elena and Damon EVER get together?
If at any point in the life of this series, that could go on forever and ever, I think that if we didn’t go down that road eventually, we wouldn’t be doing our jobs right. But, I would never say when or how or to what end. I can only say that it’s a show predicated on a girl coming back to life and her development of love for one brother who then, because of who she is, changes the life of the other brother and that’s our show. There are roads we can go down with that in the future, for sure, so stay tuned.


I shoudn't have read the comments. ^^
I would like to ask some of you, @TVDFAN, @Amanda for example, because your comments marked me more, what makes you say Damon fans complain all the time about the lack of scenes ? Never heard such things. I personally don't complain about it, because he gets many scenes. @TVDFAN, you say you're Team Damon, but your comment proved otherwise.@Amanda, everybody have a right to like a character or dislike him. I'm Team Delena, Team Damon, Team Elena (among other teams). No, I do not like Stefan. I don't hate him, I just wish he would have more character development. I don't like Stelena, because their relationsip is based on lies, on denial for both of them. Because of this, I won't compliment him, because I would be lying. And I do believe you're wrong when you say shippers of other pairings don't criticize Damon or Elena, or Caroline, Tyler, etc. Each to its own as they say. I don't remember who said this in the comments, but this person was claiming Damon fans were probably 12/13 year-old girls. Wrong, however you just proved you were one, by showing the level of maturity you must have to almost bash other persons.
Now, it's funny because lots of you said you felt the writers are giving into Delena. I (and I know other did as well) felt like JP was saying Delena will happen, but nothing can destroy the "epicness" of Stelena's undying love. It's all a question of perspective I guess.
Finally, I want to say I hate bashing, I hate haters, and that hose kind of persons can't be considered as real fans first, and also can't be considered mature and educated people, in my opinion.
Stop bashing, may it be from SE'ers, DE'ers, or any other shipper ! This is what is really getting tiring.


God I hate Julie interview she is toxic to delena fans I wish SHE STFU in future. Also I hate SE soooooo forking much ugh they make me sick, so do stelena fans. I pity their real life choices etc if they really belive SE is their definition of true love SMH!!!! I hate SE they suck and I see this show getting cancelled soon anyway good luck with SE writers cos I won't be watching that crap. They force this down our throat the most boring dullest useless couple ever, they are Edward and Bella part 2 lol but in this case EB pawn them LMAO


Amo o seriado!Gosto muito do Damon,ele ajuda,mas é o irmão mal,cínico,ajuda o bem,mas é necessariamente do bem. Do bem é o Stefan,ele tem que ficar com a Elena.Acho que ia bagunçar totalmente a estório o casal DELENA=NÃO! STEFAN E ELENA=SIM!!!Já tem novidades demais,boas,mantem Stefan e Elena,venha o que vier!


What I meant about the show being boring is----Everyone works ther butts off but Damon gets to save the day and get all the glory. Bring back our Damon from Season 1. This new wimpy/following Elena around acting all teary eye is BORING. Thank goodness we have Elijah to take Damons place. The rest of the show is EXCITING EXCITING EXCITING.


How come Damon fans put down EVERY storyline on the show and its character? I started watching the show because of the 1. it was scary. 2. Damon WAS the tough guy who used people for his own amusement(LOVEDDD THAT) 3. The love story between Elena and Stefan 3. Bonnie and her incredible/sexy witch powers 4. The incredibly/fantastic/outstanding acting of the entire cast and there stories Now all I hear is how Damon fans are going to stop watching if the show doesn't have more of Damon. Right now the show is getting BORING. Why does the rest of the cast save the day and Damon gets all the glory. It's really too bad, because Damon fans are really doing damage to his hard work. I'm finding it hard to watch the show because you guys are really ruining it for the rest of us. Lets hope because of the Damon fans, the show doesn't "JUMP THE SHARK" You guys should really start to appreciate ALL the hard work that the ENTIRE cast gives us. If the show doesn't make a season 4 we'll know why. The way I see Damon fans, your either 12 and 13 year olds. Which explains your actions. But if your a bunch of chubby older women with nothing better to do but sit in front of your computers living vicariously through a TV show. Wipe the cake crumbs from your computer and stop with the put down of a GREAT group of hard working actors.


...and one more thing...maybe they should just cut n paste Jeremy's pic over damon's on the sexy Damon,Elena,Stefan promo posters, ay?


ok, we all love the show and all the character plots (mostly), and I don't think the show is all about Damon; however, the first season and the orignal clips and promo for the show has ALWAYS indicated a love triangle. OMG the whole Kat,Stef,Dam history is based on this. So, that Delana fans are a little bummed (ok, pissed) that the triangle is turning more into a brother sister relationship is based on false advertising. That's all. I mean why do you think that the twilight novels/movies were so popular? Because of the love triangle. I mean c'mon, Julie, I would have nevah watched if I had known that the hot, sexy, badass brother was just gonna find humanity because of his "sister like" brother's girlfriend. Blehk! Go look at the promos...go watch the first episode. Its all about "the love of a woman" to quote Damon. So, Delena fans developed because of this build up. Excuse us if we are little bothered by the "Elena's big brother" character that is now Damon. That is not what I wanted to use 54% of my DVR memory on! lol.


I just hope/wish/pray that they dont waste damons & elena's poitential/chemistry


I am very excited for the second half of the series to start!I'm not sure if Elijah will keep his word as I find him to be a sneaky character and like Julie describes him; he is indeed scary that way. I don't know about anyone else but that scene where Elijah just suddenly appears next to aunt Jenna it made me jump so high. It scared me so much I screamed lol As vampire Diaries is unexpected we don't know what's going to happen most of the time so the 'will Damon and Elena get together' might take a while to develop but it is their decision on how long but you never know, there not saying yes nor are they saying no so we have to just wait and see.


Is Julie Plec aware that Stefan/Elena is nothing but BORING?!It totally lacks passion and it's probably the most dull relationship involving a vampire which has ever been portrayed on tv or cine!

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