What's Next For Ben and Serena on Gossip Girl?

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Gossip Girl concluded the first half of its fourth season with Serena going to see Ben in jail. Just as we thought Juliet's story line drew to a close, new possibilities emerged.

So where do our beloved, troubled maiden and her former professor go from here?

First thing's first. There's that one small issue of Lily ruining Ben's life ... details.

Ben and Serena

“The biggest obstacle for them will be can Ben ever actually get over what Serena’s family put him through,” executive producer Stephanie Savage tells TV Line.

“It’s fine to blame Lily, but at a certain point it becomes part of a larger conversation about Ben and Serena, who these people are and how they conduct themselves."

"The reality of Ben trying to get on his feet and figure out what do do with his life is pretty challenging now. How does Serena fit into that equation - if she does at all?”

Sounds like more of a question than an answer. So we leave it to you. How does she fit in, and will we see a lot of Ben when Gossip Girl returns? Do you want to?

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i think they would make such a sweet couple, i would love for their relationship to develop into something more


I think Serena and Ben would be sosososo cute together ! I know alot of you want her with Dan, but how many times have they tried to make it work ? And how many times has it failed again ? do remember Dan cheated on Serena , he falls for her and then two weeks later he's not as interested , but I do agree that their like chuck and Blair and they will he together eventually , but Ben is something new for Serena and maybe he will help her grow up and he's sensible so maybe Serena will learn a lesson and such .


Ommgg serena is always with a new guy! No to her being with ben - too far! Dan and serena should be together but not before him and blair get it on :)


yes! it would be so nice! i like him, and the way they finished the last ep...and even though serena loves dan, it's like chair - they'll be together afterall, but only AFTERall! and serena can be called anything, but boring. or ugly.


No! After all this drama with Dan and Nate, Serena gonna be with another else? AGAIN? I really am tired of all these relatioships that end in five episodes. Serena only can be a least little boring when she is with Dan. Dan is the only one who can make Serena happy, cause when she is with another else, she turns a really boring person.


I don't care about him. He's really boring. I've been waiting so long for Derena and I don't want it to end just like that.


nooooo they cant get together she just chose dan for crying out loud!!!


Don´t.... care??? I´m tired of Serena´s love interests, I bet he´ll be gone in 4 episodes and go back to Dan, so tired of this..


mmmm.. YES! Ben is a hottie with a brain.


It would be interesting to see ben on the 2nd half of the season. I hope he can help S to mature.

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