Wonder Woman Finds a Home on NBC

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According to a Deadline Hollywood report, a certain Amazon Princess is preparing to don the bracelets once again for the small screen.

The much-buzzed about David E. Kelley Wonder Woman project has reportedly found a home at the only network that showed interest when it was recently shopped around by Warner Bros Television: NBC.  


Tied up in management changes, NBC couldn't commit to the expensive license fees required to bring Kelley's vision to life, but with Bob Greenblatt now in full control, the green light has been given for the invisible jet to fly. Whether or not it makes it past the pilot stage remains to be seen.

Kelley's vision describes Diana Prince as a corporate executive in modern day Los Angeles who takes to the streets at night as a vigilante crime fighter, and tries to find a balance between her dual roles.

Got any ideas on who could play the world's most famous superheroine? Start playing armchair casting agent in the comments below.

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I find it hilarious that someone said Jennifer Love Hewitt would not be able to play Wonder Woman as she is too old, but then went on to say how Sarah Michelle Gellar would be perfect to play WW. Erm, SMG is older than JLH. I personally think Megan Gale would be a good WW.


Bridget Regan would of course be the perfect wonder woman!


What about Summer Glau? She can handle all of the stunts, can act and would look great in the costume. Plus she is the right age and looks just exotic enough to pull off the Wonder Woman thing.


She's probably too old, but Rosario Dawson would be perfect. Beautiful but also strong, like WW needs to be.


Megan Gale is perfect. Australian model


Just say no.


Angie Harmon


what about one of the Olsen twins


Erica Durance, SMG, and Laura Vandevoort are the only ones that could play wonder woman. It needs to be someone who can be girly but be a force to be reckoned with. Jennifer love hewitt is way too old... Besides i'm sure michael aussielo was talking about ghost whisperer coming back to life. Sophia bush wouldn't do this kind of thing although she is a great actress. and rachel bilson is way too tiny.


Eliza Dushku or Erica Durance

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