Amanda Foreman to Reprise Role on Private Practice

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Amanda Foreman is set to reprise her role on Private Practice, TV Guide reports.

Foreman plays the mentally unstable Katie Kent. One of the most memorable characters in the show's three-plus seasons, Katie lost her baby, then convinced herself she could get it back by cutting Violet's baby out of her belly in the terrifying Season 2 finale.

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In Season 3, Katie stood trial for drugging and attacking Violet, who somehow stayed grounded enough to tell the court that Katie was delusional at the time of the near-murderous C-section, helping her deranged assailant avoid jail. 

Details on Foreman's return are scarce, but she will reappear in Episode 19.

What do you think brings her back this time around? Comment below.

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Amanda Foreman is a great actress - now I freak out when I see her on screen or even a photo of her. That;s because she was THAT great portraying crazy Katie :)


I have to agree with the theories stated so far. Katie can't be coming back for anything good and with the developments in Violet's book, it's definitely possible she's coming back for that reason. And the new therapist coming could be hers.


I agree with Carissa. It will have to do with Violet's book. All I can say is that it's good to know that crazy Katie is back. XD


I think that she is the cause of a shrink is coming for Violet


She's probably going to sue Violet for how she is portrayed in her book. She certainly isn't coming back for anything good.

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